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Friday, March 04, 2011


Thank you for such a wonderful walkabout. You truly live in a wonderful neighborhood.

Wow!...just a great post!! what is the name of the tree that smells so heavenly? Hope you have a wonderful,safe adventure.And as always,thanks for sharing.
kindest regards,Missy from the bayou

So what did you do that got you to the condition for walking up this steep hill? And what is that open field?

I never tire of your photos and blog posts. We're expecting 8 inches of snow in Upstate NY tomorrow so today's pictures have me dreaming of Spring!
Hugs, Emie

Lovely pictures...
As always, blue skies & sun shining in California! :]

Oh my! What a pretty little neighborhood! I especially love the photo of the white fence and diamond shaped greenery. Props to you for getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of spring time. It'll be a few more weeks here in Iowa ...

Just gorgeous, thanks for the walkabout. It was very refreshing to see some growth and green and blooms and...thanks for sharing. Have a simply wonderful trip! I know you will.

Hey walker girl, I'm glad you're experiencing the exotic world you live in from behind your camera lens via your own two feet. Maybe LA deserves a travel journal all its own.
I'm excited for you, this next trip to Paris. It's definitely a walking city, one that needs to have its picture taken by the likes of you. Have a great time.

You rock, MaryAnn. You live in a beautiful neighborhood and you are seeing it with fresh eyes. Now isn't that the inspiration we all seek?

That tree isn't toyon, is it? You know about toyon -- at some point in the year it has berries that look like holly berries, which is where the name Hollywood came from originally!

This post makes me feel that spring is on its way! Love the fence with the diamond shaped vines! I'm so looking forward to your dispatches from Paris! I wish you a magical trip and wonderful memories!

Good for you MaryAnn! Increased fitness does take some time but you will really be able to appreciate Paris all the more now. February was a bad month for me fitness wise with a frozen shoulder that wore me down. A mini trip to Boston has me walking in the bitter cold and loving it. Yeah for a different perspective!

Love of your photos-I'm so tired of photographing dirty snow and dead leaves!! Have a wonderful trip to Paris--can hardly wait for all the posts!!

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