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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Eeeyowww! You scored, lady! What wonderful "stuff".

Yep, I drooled a little when reading this post!! I bet that Paris journal is brimming with absolute goodness!! Thanks for sharing - I'll go wipe my mouth now and wait for the next post... :)

What will it take to have you *share* some of the lovely papers you are stashing away?? Perhaps we could help you unpack :-) I;m thoroughly enjoying your trip!

What fun finds at the flea! And lucky you to have a 'local' friend to pal around with, someone to help you bargain :) Also loved seeing your apartment rooms/details as if I were just awakening there also. Have a wonderful day.

Hi Mary Ann,
Your treasures have me planning my next visit to Paris. It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Thank you for a wonderful escape into your trip. :)

Hi MA--Lovely, lovely Paris--what great finds and views--thank you for taking this armchair traveler along....Merci beaucoup mon amie du laptop (!!) julierose

Greetings Moss Cottage, What wonderful treasures:)Ahh if only, and meeting new friends the best. I can not beleive that there is only a week to go.I think we should pack up and just move to this wonderful place.All these years and finally have someone who has the heart and soul to really see what Paris is all about. euros are the things expensive compared to the dollar? The table cloths are beautiful,I can close my eyes and see this wonderful women making all those lovely stitches:)Thank you so for the Flea Market trip love these kind of things. Im so glad you went with a friend to show you around this always lets you get to the best places.The books well there are not many words to discribe how a book feels.
Have a great day,

What a treat for us to see your treasures from the flea market.
Something Napoleonic would fit perfectly in our home which has
our Maine Coon cat, Napoleon, as our king and ruler!
Have another great week and thanks again for bringing us along!

thanks for your posts Mary Ann. you are reminding me of my trip last sept!! one of my favourite places was shakespeare and company bookshop - wonder if you are popping in there??? enjoy your week! Philippa

Gorgeousness!!! Sigh...
am drooling over the escutcheons on the armoire...

What a wonderful time you are having, thank you for sharing your photos.
I adore the Embroidered tablecloths, such sweetness! :]

I always meet more people when I travel alone. I'm glad you're having such a great time. Oh, and I'm still jealous!

How lovely you were able to spend time with a fellow blogger. I truly love your treasures you are acquiring while on Holiday. Ahh...an entire week more in Paris. Let's make it the best week ever! Thank you for continuing to take us along with you my dear Miss Mary Ann Moss.

Mary Ann,
I was enjoying your Paris posts then jumped over to find that Chrissy was there also and you were there together. How do you spell jealous?!! I am sure that you had a wonderful time and thank you so much for sharing it with those of us who couldn't join in person.

Hi Mary Ann,
I just popped in to take a peek at your view of Paris.
LoVe all your posts, inspiring, fun and entertaining !
Though I admit I am feeling pea green,
and not because of St Patty's Day.
ENJOY & thank you for sharing the beauty.

wow, love your flea market finds! You get to spend two glorious weeks in Paris, lucky you! I am there for 8 days. Two more days to go!!

I hope you brought an empty suitcase for all your wonderful finds. We have only one more week??

That door reminds me of a cello. And that earthenware red mug! *covets* My kingdom for handmade red mugs.

Isn't it delightful to wake up and see what the world looks like from someone else's windows?

I wouldn't be able to resist going by one of the addresses on the postcards just to see what it was like and to know....

how wonderful. love your finds and glad we made a new friend. it was so much fun at the flea market, thanks for taking me along.

I envy you the flea market so much---but I'm also delighted you got to go and shared it all with us. I also love your eye for the small details that add up to wonderful photos. Keep on having fun! We are all having a wonderful time in Paris in your pocket!

Amazing finds! I love the crumbling books and the paper stash! Wonderful to make a new friend too!

I can only imagine the huge trunk you will need to ship all your beautiful treasures home in...they probably won't fit in the luggage! What a wonderful time you've had. I've been to Paris once, 20 years ago, and it shows up in my dreams still!

Hurray for new friends! Yes, doesn't vacations seem to go by twice as fast in Europe? It is like some weird vacation space time continum thingeemabob.

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