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Friday, March 18, 2011


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Thanx for another trip around. I would die to go to a flea marktet like that! Have fun with your new friend!

What wonderfully delicious fun! You had me at the ham, but that chocolate!!! So glad you found treasures.

oh the flea market...hhhh, if only I could go! and that drink looks mighty yummy I must say! and I could eat an entire ham all by myself if there are mashed potatoes in the area! yum.

I don't know which is my favorite--the crunchy ham, the hot chocolate or the bucket full of doll parts! Can't wait to see what you bought.

Enjoying your posts. Ditto what Janet said: ham, chocolate, and...who knew that I would covet a broken doll's head?! ;-)

I'm living for your posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yum...looks divine! which flea market did you attend? please do share!!!

stranger? new friend? do tell! I must admit doll heads kind of freak me out but I enjoyed seeing them all piled in a basket. Yes please on the plate of food. sigh.

I am loving all your posts about Paris. Wow...would love to be at the flea market and get some goodies. Can't wait to hear what you got. Please do tell. Inquiring minds want to know.

Sigh...that plate of food...real food - not processed corporate stuff in a paper box...
Did you buy the bucket-o-doll parts? I would bet you could get a great deal on the whole bucket ;)
What a wonderful trip!

Look how adorable you are!!

Hmmmm...a mysterious stranger, you say? L'intrigue amoureuse, n'est-ce pas?

Whoa! I could go for that cup of warm chocolate avec creme chantilly.

Jambon! I got to eat jambon! Ahhhhhh.....the chocolate looked good, too, but the FLEA MARKET. You really need to let me outta that pocket!

I really look forward to these posts!! I'm taking notes for my June trip to Paris. It seems this flea market is twice a year. I wonder when it runs a second time. Enjoy every minute of your explorations!!

Ham at the flea market? Wow! If they have sausage sandwiches at the flea markets you are attending, you should try those too. They're served on oh so fresh bagettes with Dijon mustard, at least that's how they did it at the weekly Sunday flea markets in the south of France I attended last September! Add a bottle of Orangade and mmm! But that hot chocolate with chantilly creme looks soooo much more delicieux!

Hmmm flea market ham! Lovely lovely photos! What treasures did you find dear woman?

Wow - what a gift to all your readers !! I can't thank you enough for sharing your trip with me. I'm not a blogger - I just happened across your blog because I'm interested in journaling. Thank you so much.

I'm still cringing over those doll heads. I'm glad we left them for someone else's fantasies. But more jambon s'il vous plait.

I just gained 3 pounds reading this last post! Yummmmmm!!

This is really weird, you are one of my favorite bloggers who is now blogging about brocante which another favorite blogger usually does except she is visting Thailand at the momement. One of the things I did in Paris was have my hair done just for kicks. Wow, what a different look. I wore it around for the rest of the day and washed it out the next. But I felt so French! Oh la la:)

The "dark crispy pile "on the jambon plate - it looks like the hammy equivalent of burnt ends.....I know you have a KC connection, and surely you MUST be acquainted with burnt ends.....

I've been dreaming about that hot chocolate since I read your post! And the ham looks delicious too. I would love to see the treasures in the Trader Joe bag! Have more fun for us today!

how wonderful that you are taking us all along with you...ahhh springtime in paris

i thank you for this

Oh, yum in the extreme. I can't button up my pants now.

traveling with you is THE BEST!

I just found out I AM IN PARIS!!! With my new best friend!!! How did you know I just really, really wanted some steamy warm chocolate with creme chantilly??? Can I be a nudge and ask if we can go back to the Luxembourg Gardens? (I must have been dozing from the jet lag.) My absolute favorite place on Planet Earth - that's o.k., I realize our time is limited and your photos are gorgeous. Walk on friend, we're in P A R I S!!!! (Thank you, I just found your dispatch. C'est merveilleuse!)

we're having FUN!!!

(and you look gorgeous in pale coral)


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