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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



my pleasure. cafe tropical on sunset in silverlake - fab cuban bakery - great pressed sandwiches too!

My little sister and I love having Cuban cafe con leche and guava pastries.We've yet to sample guava and cheese pie. Any chance of sharing where one might find such a delicacy?

I discovered your blog today and really enjoyed it. Thanks

If I could take pictures like you do....!!! If I was more in love with my camera instead of confrontational with it.....! But that's just me, and I'm so glad that you are one-with-the-lens! I truly soak up everything on your blog like a sponge! You can turn the most day-to-day things into true events! Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Guava and cheese pie! Yum!! You plus your sister look like trouble, in a good way :)

Dear MA--I have completed the making of my ROD; I put it aside (phew) for a while, as it is going to be used for my upcoming travels. I was looking through it last night and realized just what I really loved about it. It is not a "pretty-pretty" piece of art work (not to say that it is not gorgeous in all its shabby splendor!) but that makes it OK for me to "mess-it-up" with my everyday scritch-scratchings. I am a "verbal" person--kept journals in my Franklin for years--so, any journals that are too "pristine" really stifle my word flow (here, sigh--my husband would most likely say "Impossible--"). So, I thank you again for this class--I have enough pages to make another for my everyday ramblings..enjoy your travels Julierose

OMG, rabbit ears never become dated...I wonder when the first photograph occurred of rabbit ears (the silly type as opposed to the real bunny)? I wonder if there are other types of gestures in old photos that were meant to be silly, but are now forgotten. Did the early photographers make people say "cheese"...naw, probably they had to recite the Gettysburg address to themselves without moving their lips, at least my ancient family photos look like that. Must be so fun have your sister visit, but I do have to ask, do you spin out the same dramas from childhood?

girl you know how to
like nobody's bizness.

i see you and your sister are up to your usual antics! love the classic car!!!

Just got to LOVE Sunny California... right?!
I enjoyed the visit.

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