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Saturday, February 26, 2011


If Wayne Thiebaud and Maira Kalman had a daughter.......she's great! thanks for grabbing our shoulders, spinning us around and shouting: "LOOK".

Ahahaha- she painted Jack LaLanne. One of my very favorite weird celebrities of all time. I remember his TV show as a kid, then years later I met someone who was his cousin, and had a photo tacked up in her garage of Jack as a young body builder, dressed in the bodybuilding costume of the times, an athletic supporter. He was such a great guy. Martha Rich has a wonderful brain. Thanks for sharing her with us.

oh awesome!! i loooove this. and yes, she is fantastically weird.....love those kind of folks. thank you so much for sharing

Thank you for sharing this... sweet cakes & playful colors.
Great artist! :]

love her!
thank you for the introduction.

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