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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Arlington Garden is FIERCELY Beautiful!!!!! As are your shots.

where is arlington park? how lovely it looks? are all the pics there from arlington park?

Hello over there in blossomland.....i'm in snowy cold everythingisbrownland. I am, however, anxiously awaiting the first spring sighting of the Paris travel journal. I have binoculars around my neck and am drumming my fingers in anticipation (which is annoying the others who just don't understand).

Just breathtaking! Each photo is as beautiful as the next. The first one of Arlington Park is just incredible. Thanks so much for sharing this enchanting visit!

this post was enough to lift my spirits. this february weather full of slush and snow is starting to wear me down. this gave me hope of future sun and warmth and my garden, and and and.. sigh..

i love, love, love the labyrinth...a wonderful way to "discover" yourself.

Thanks for the stone maze photo. That's cool.

What sights for sore eyes. Everything here is covered in frost - meaning all the dead brown remains of last years growth, all the bare branches, the just sort of peeping out tips of the snow drops...

beautiful! i'd love to spend a day there with my camera and journal! :)

Those hens and chickens are fabulous!

I'm there! Thanks for the "transportation" :)

ohmyohmyohmyohmy colors! shapes! textures! ohmyohmyohmyohmy sounds smells too - no tasting allowed

It was a treat to see all these blooms in your post as we await more rain/snow to arrive here in KC this week.
(And I loved your lanterns and pinwheels in the recent posts!) ~ Judy H.

YUM!!!!!! Absolute, pure, BLISS.

Where in the world is this enchanting place. I adore succulents, have a window sill full of them, waiting for warmer weather to plant outside. I'm an avid birder, travel all over the country to see them and add to my life list, state list. Wish you'd taken pix of the birds so I could name them for you.

This looks like a heavenly place to visit. I miss CA for the gardening, for the year round flowers...it's brutal in the high desert for gardeners.

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