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Sunday, January 02, 2011


Wow I love Nikki Giovanni she is one of my favorite poets and I missed this one!

If only I had known you were dreaming of snowflakes - I would have sent you some...
Wishing you a most wonderful 2011!

Hi Mary Ann - It fascinates me that you could think so fondly of snow in California...you are distanced enough to think about the beauty of a snowflake and all of it's friends...Me...I am frozen in snow...stuck in snow, it is not a pleasant snow in that it has been so cold even the snow has
frozen and it is hard and unlovable - of course it looks lovely from out the window but no one in their right mind (in Minnesota as least) would go out and be engulfed...that would be a most certain death tonight indeed.
Forgive my unpoetic realism - your poem is lovely, even lovelier perhaps in California or in the summer in Minneapolis but for me tonight? Not
so lovely. It is bloody cold!
Pam (from Mpls)

Such a pretty poem! Sometimes, like today, when the wind blows sparkles of snow off the roof it feels like the snow is kissing you :) A bit cold but a pretty shower of light, none the less.

Excellent poem selection. Nikki is one of my fav poets. Thanks for all the inspiration you send into the world Mary Ann. Your blog truly lights up my days. When I first discovered it, I went through it reading every single post. What a great read. I think I might do it again just for fun. Your photography is wonderful and your insights make me stop and appreciate my own little world here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Cheers!

Happy New Year Mary Ann from Snowy Alberta Canada!
I would send you snowflakes if I could. I can't imagine a world that doesn't have snowflakes in it at least part of the year. I also realize the wonderfulness of a world filled with sunshine, so much so that California is our next vacation destination.

May 2011 be kind and generous to us all. And if we are talking wishes for 2011 a new Mary Ann Moss class is on the top of my Wish List. What are the odds of getting my wish?


I too love your photos, and those buddha images are my favorites. if you ever want to share a printable version...

Happy New Creative year and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you've shared during 2010!

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey through a beautiful life. I'm continually inspired to *see* and *explore* and live each day fully.

Happy New Year, Mary Ann! Your blog and your online classes are gifts to me. Thank you for doing what you do. You rock!

You are the only real person I know of who dances so regularly with poets. I am grateful that you invite us to join you.

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