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Saturday, January 22, 2011


In Western WA state I'm unable to grow Meyer lemons, but CostCo has had the most voluptous boxes of these jewels the last couple months. So tonight, 3 of these beauties are going into their water bath.

MA, I made your Meyer Lemon Marmalade today....and it's DIVINE. Thank you for sharing the recipe. This stuff is goooooooood!

I love your Miracle Whip lid and I loved your post so much that I sent your blog URL to my entire listserv of Meyer lemons fans. Thank you. Whoever did your photographer is absolutely a first rate professional. Just terrific photography.

Meyer Lemons are like love. Sometimes hard to find, but well worth the wait.

Buckets of good wishes, good fortune and good luck to you,


did you soak for 24 hours with seeds in the mix? did you cook for 45 minutes (total) towards the end it really starts to bubble,foam, and froth. im thinking your heat wasnt high enough. why dont you pour some of that into some vodka, add ice, and mix up a yummy lemon martini, maybe a shot of that, shot or 2 of vodka, and a couple shots of regular lemonade. or if you like em strong just the marmaladey concoction and vodka. homemade lemoncello!!!!!
here's a fantastic resource i just found after i posted:
really good detailed recipe plus pics!!!

M.A., I immediately went downstairas, got 3 Meyers and got busy as instructed. Just finished cooking it. Sigh. As always, I came out with a lovely thing I can drink or pour over ice cream. I am so jam-challenged. It never seems to work for me. Thanks for posting and I will try it again. Is there anything on earth more lovely than a Meyer lemon? Methinks not. Maybe Buck on your bed is a close second though. Adore him I do. xo

I have jsut educated myself about Meyer Lemons and Placed an Order with Lemon Ladies Orchards! http://www.lemonladies.com/index.html

Each tree at this orchard has been named after a Lady who inspired the gal who started the orchard!! How cool is that!!! I ordered a dozen lemons and I will be making marmelade as soon as they arrive!! See, i am a good student and do as I am told!!

meyer lemons are native to china and have thin skin and are slightly sweeter than a regular lemon. they are believed to be a cross between a lemon & orange. they grow very well in warmer climates. which is why we have so many here in california. trader joes sells them often by the bag.
you can make the marmalade with regular lemons too! maybe trim off some of the excess pith. enjoy! report back!

OH Miss M!!! I am goign to have to see if I can hunt down some Meyer Lemons here on the East Coast- the frozen part of the East Coast. Tart lemony luciousness is my favorite thing in any form!!!
Anyone know the difference between Meyer lemons and regular lemons?? Must use the goggle machine!
Loverly post! Lovely pictures!!!
Thank you!
I am having a blast being one of your Craft Monkeys , FINALLY!!!!! :)

Yes, ma'am! I'm getting right to it as soon as I can!

How casually the above poster tossed out "I have a loaded meyer lemon tree right here on my deck..." In my next life, sigh...

sounds delish.
do you think it would work with grapefruit?
it's 15 degrees outside and i'm inside
and i have grapefruit.

also i have become addicted to
"mediterranean organic
pink grapefruit
organic marmalade"
and with two organics in its name
you know it's expensive.

Sounds delightful.

That looks delish! Enjoy the fruits of your labor :)

jes ma style! easy and delicious, you clever clever person you.

OoooHHhhh I have a loaded Meyer Lemon tree right here on my deck in San Francisco -- and i am so doing this!

DH and I make grapefruit marmalade every year except we went crazy last year and have a life time supply. It is really tart and earthy tasting and not sweet enough for must people. wish i lived closer. Oh no precision with me.

What does the soak overnight do?

nicely done! Good to know about the pit/pectin connection.
So, how was it?

Precision Cooks freak me out anyway.

We need a tee shirt that states this in Helvetica BOLD:


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