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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Great photography!!!!!!!!!! You are a very creative soul.

Ooooooh I am soooo aching for my home turf.....must go...


We are covered in ice here in NE Ohio with more coming tonight. I think I'll just imagine myself sitting on that nice front porch with the pretty pillows and feel the sun and warm air all around me.

Love all your pictures. I visited LA 23 years ago and loved all the lush flowers, greenery, sunshine, and a different style of architecture than what we have in the northeast. Thanks for sharing; it helps to see all this while in the midst of snow, snow, snow.

we are lucky to live in our neighborhood. and yes, this week was just a perfectly gorgeous one. thanks for sharing. people have no idea about this part of l.a.

It's amazing how you can find spots of beauty in the big city! Lovely photos!

I love that you love L. A. Me too. I was born and raised here. I live a little further south now, in Orange County. So close and yet a world away. Thanks for the visit.

MaryAnn, you totally inspired me to play hooky from my job today! Read all about it here:

..oops, sceney? sceneenery, seenery, seen it??? It just looks funny and I am not the recipient of the speller of the year, month, week, day, hour our minute.
It was still a great trip and all I seen, saw and seed was beautiful.

" Oh, the green things growing, the green things growing, the faint sweet smell of the green things growing"

Seeing the world through your eyes has always been a delight, miracle, lovely, and may I add, an "eye opener". What a fantastic ride I had. What gorgeous scenery.
Thank you, love to you, e.

Today was warm enough to be outside, searching out plants that are beginning to peak through. Maybe I will go sing the song from "On A Clear Day" about the buds below, up is where to grow, etc. . I don't think just showing them your pics on my computer would work as well.

ohmygollygosh. what gorgeousity. love your photos. looks like you had a fun day!

thanks for the ride!

Love this! Its like a mini-vacation from winter. Thanks for your prose and pictures :)

I live in SF and have been doing down to LA for about 35 years....and I never liked it ... until I started reading your blog and seeing LA through your eyes. Now I love to visit! Thank you for the lovely photos.

Who would have guessed (we foreigners, I mean) that L A had so many gorgeous corners?
Lovely pics.
I'm very happy with my home but all my life I've dreamed of a house with one of those verandas in front where you can sit and rock and read and tell each other stories. So that last photo is my fave.
Thanks for the journey!

Stop it! You're making me jealous! :) I'm in Utah and it's foggy and cold and grey. Truthfully, though, I adore California and L.A. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us. Soak up a little sun and send it this way, will ya? Enjoy your weekend!

Oh my gosh, your views into LA are so lovely and so not what I picture in my mind's eye. We've had snow for days and I spent last night chipping ice from my driveway ... your pictures are a wonderful reprieve. Have a wonderful weekend!

hmmm ... I'm impressed with you, Ms. M.A. -- I lived in Los Angeles for not quite 9 months, 3 decades or so ago, and all I remember, really, about the place were endless freeway expeditions, to the point I've NEVAH wanted to return .... perhaps I'll be rethinking that, under your influence.

Thanks for the ride! We just got more snow here in the mid-west.

I wish... it's really cold here in the Netherlands. You live in a beautiful area!

Oh so pretty and warm and flowery. thanks for the little trip!

We all need to become tourists in our own home ponds. You could actually assume that identity toward your own life as well. Living with appreciation and wonder. How happy we could decide to be!

'pockets of wonder' I love it! I am going to find them in my neighborhood!

Lovely...sweet memories for me. Thanks!

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