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Sunday, January 30, 2011


you live in a BEautiful part of the world!! That said from -6...

thank you for this little view of paradise


Love "walking" through these neighborhoods with you, Mary Ann. Thank you!

Looking at these photos would make me think they were in some beautiful European town. It's fun seeing LA through your eyes.

Its snowing and frigid here in Boulder, CO but I'm warmed by the sun in your photos. Thank you for sharing them!

I so miss the beauty, whimsy and unique-ness of LA! You've captured some gorgeous little vignettes! Thanks so much for sharing :)

I so enjoyed this walk with you and can I say I love the angles you took various shots from, you have a knack for seeing things just a little differently :-)

What a fabulouscolourful beautiful place to live in! Great pics, MA
You have inspired me to do the same photographic journey round my village. But not yet! All is grey and dismal and unenbellished. Have to wait until June for the flowers to disguise the neglect. But I'll be out with my camera before then.
Watch this space - or, rather, watch my blog. Tee hee!

You capture the very best of L.A. Thanks!

someday i'll visit L.A. and the beautiful neighborhoods you have shared. until then i will enjoy vicariously and imagine the sun and the breeze!

Can I come ride around with you on your tour???? We're expecting freezing rain and snow the next few days!!

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