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Sunday, December 26, 2010


I admire your new chairs (looking forward to photos of the paint-spattered version, in due course) and must tell you that my arse and back are most envious. Makes me think it's time I treated myself to new chairs for my work area as well...wait, I have two unused chairs (also dangerously white in colour) sitting in corners at home, how easy would it be to swap them with the existing ones? Once again and always, thanks for the inspiration, Mary Ann!!

Ok, where did you get the chairs?


Sitting, presently, on the great great grandma of your chairs, which I took with me from a a furnished apartment many years ago (authorized; they were getting new -- and undoubtedly less comfortable -- furniture)........... I can vouch for the comfort -- I can sit on this chair all day, and still be comfy, arse and all.............

Love your chairs and so glad you shared the Heaven's Door video and the little boy's poetry video...too darn cute ;) Read that you are going to Paris again...you lucky girl...I'm so jealous...someday ;) Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

Okay, now imma hafta redo all those boring lesson plans for next semester! My English language learners will learn more from Billy Collins in one poem, than from me all year. My brain, and my refugees thank you.

And your tuckus will thank you!

Oh what a happy arse you must have. Very nice!

oh, I desperately need a new chair and your new one looks mighty comfy! and thanks for the heads up on the free kindle version of Dracula - I went right over and downloaded it to my kindle and forwarded it to my husband for his. Can't wait to read it.

Those chairs are pure arse candy! Seriously they remind me of Eames, architect of chairs.

I think, I think and I think that you know how much I adore Billy Collins. Oh, I do. Forever and forever........and (damn, I wish that I could type and spell...every finger is going this way and that).

I would never school you. You are a beacon of light to me. And by the way, e.w. loves you and did her thing in Calif. while you were inundated with rain. Yes, she did. She was wearing her old suit and hoping that you and all were safe and dry. She'll take care of your arse any day.
Time to count the number of angels on the head of a pin, thanks B.C. and read Three Blind Mice.
exess and o's your way.

You go on with your bad a** self and your new chair all up in our faces. It is spectacular. They are shooting an episode of Hoarders in my studio. But I fought back with much encouragement from the puppies. They can't carry much, considering their thumbless status. But the checking to make sure their studio beds were in place and lots of kisses, kept me going. Definitely a two day job.

i spent the most money on my antique parts cabinet in my art studio...and then my chairs rank a close number number two. My arse completely understands the needs of you arse. LOL

those chairs: Let them serve as if they were the paper towels we all spill on and then use as backgrounds. Spatter, spill, mess..............and then look at them and remember the projects. White is the best!!!! Happy new year to a wonderful artist/blogger.

I adore that little boy reciting "Litany". I love that his parents read poetry to him, and that he loves the sounds of the words and memorizes the poems. I heard him having a conversation with Billy Collins on NPR and it was amazing.

Also love your new chairs, and all you do. Have a wonderful New Year!!

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