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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Miss Mary Ann Moss. Blessings and a magical memory making holiday season to you and your posse.

welcome Home Moss Cottage, The pictures of you and your sis are so darn cute!:) Aw the adventures you both must of had and your dreams atnight of sea fairing women and there dreams. Couldnt be more profound. Where you were looked so beautiful. I can here the ocean sounds as I write.
We have just a few days till santa comes were you good for Santa thisyear:)
Well my dear so glad your safe and sound but having to leave the ocean is a hard one to do.
Happy Holidays,

sounds like heaven!

Lovely wildness.

The quote is awesome; I can see a journal page forming or maybe a canvas, hmmmmmmm so I hope you 2 make it home safe and sound and that you are both high and dry...I keep seeing all these reports about all the rain CA is getting and find myself thinking about you and hoping your little corner of the world is OK.

Any time at the coast is wonderful. Lucky you. Love the photos, especially the one of the rolling surf.

I love that sort of weather and sea. Reminds me of my time at the North Sea in England. A fierce water.

Yes, yes and yes again on the quote.
I love the pictures and may I say, that it "Gladdens My Heart" that you and your sister are so beloved to each other.
(Dear E.W. was not able to be there frolicking in the waves. She truly wanted to, but at her advanced age, she needs a bit of warmth and the hot water bottle just makes for inefficient swimming. She will make it up soon. The earth is turning, light will abound soon..well, later than sooner. She has patience, hope and wine.)She sends regards and love.

I think that quote from Dickens explains why we like to ride or walk in the night and see the lights on in rooms in other people's houses. There are secrets there, as there are in each of us.

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