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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Cold weekend in London too, so this big daddy bear has started a new quilt - what better way to fight off winter blues? And I'm VERY jealous of that "sampler" style carpet of yours - YUMMMY!

I've been in my den because of wind. Oy, west Texas wind. I did tread lightly out for breakfast with a friend and then fled back to the cave. I must say, you have one very happy looking cat!

I'm in my den, drinking my third cuppa pinon coffee, a spaniel on each foot. Just spent an amazing 2 hours with my nephew (actually graaaand nephew) age 3. I thought we were cutting interesting things out of the newpaper ads and sticking them on paper. He whispered to me in one and two word utterances as we worked. As we cleaned up, he blurted out "hey, let's go to the store and buy this right now, k?" That's when it dawned on me we were making a shopping list.

This bear is chomping at the bit in hers. I used to love hanging out in my house, drawing, reading, being on the the internet, but not now. Maybe it was because I was working 8 hours a day and during my free time I wanted to hide out.
Now I'm here and I want to get things done, done done done. on the house. I want to make progress and everything is at a standstill. Why can't I be a happy bear in my den, like you? boo hoo.

I recently found your blog and I love all your journals. Especially the ones from İstanbul..Its always interesting to see the familiar places and things from the eyes of a traveller.Our winter house is in İstanbul and its also soo refreshing to see the summer photos of İstanbul..Its been many years that I am not staying in İstanbul during summers. Again LOVE LOVE your journals..

It's snizzling in MN (that means that Ma Nature can't make up her mind whether or not she wants to send sonw or rain and if she should decide to send both at the same time, then that means one best not be attemptin, to take one's eyes off the road or not so pleasant things can happen to one's car and or bum if they are walking out the door and if one should forget to tread lightly when stepping out one's front door, mind you if one is greeted with a sheet of glare ice, then I am thinkin one is far better to stay safely indoors and drink a nice, warm, cocktail and if it is too early for such beverages, then we shall settle for our favorite cup of 'joe', Anyway short story, LONG, this mama bear is playing with colors and staying toasty warm, I've reminded myself how amazing color can be. All it takes is a word, a thought, the remembrance of a special place, a chance turn of the shadows and the light and color escapes out over everything and makes one smile broadly because it is good to be wrapped in such a simple delight. And that my friend is what your blog just inspired in my wee, slightly off kilter, mind. Stay snug as a bug in one of those sweet rugs....chuckling loudly as I fall on my hind quarters with a thud...that'll teach me to blog and walk outside on the ice at the same time.....:)

I love love love a rainy day and spent it in my den, too! I wrote a crone ceremony i will do for a friend tomorrow. The rugs are great. So much color and texture. You, my dear are an enchanting person.

Really loving your artworks - lots of visual pleasure to see here!

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