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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Wow, I'm impressed. So clean and lots of airspace! I'm up to my eyebrows myself cleaning out my whole studio - big time organizing. I think I like Stephen's idea.

Hmmm! Pretty as that tidy closet is, I'm not at all sure one can be creative when everything is so neat! Perhaps we should ALL send you a large sample bag of surplus goodies to help mess it all up again? Hee hee!

Finally home from a 3 week stay in the cold dark north. Happy to report mom has recovered like a cat with 9 lives! I am treating myself today by catching up on the 14 unread postings of yours and enjoying myself immensely. Orange is my very favorite color of all time and I adore hardwood floors. Quite a feat to be able to journal amidst the sawdust! Did you say a snake?

VIOLET dahling,
if the guinea pig Legolas, was dear to your son i would have her cremated and let him keep the ashes in a little container. ask him which hed rather do. if you bury youll need to dig a deep enough hole so that another critter doesnt dig her up. i am CONSTANTLY removing animals, live and dead, from moss cottage. a snake earlier this week. a squirrel head and pile of guts a few days before that. i am immune. if i lived closer id come over and lend you a hand. put her in a ziploc bag in the freezer while you decide...you dont want her to start decomposing.

It's always fun to see what is shaking at Moss Cottage. Thanks for showing us your closet. I need to destash some things too. And thanks for the listing on the sidebar!

my son's guinea pig died today, she was orange:( her name was Legolas...I had to decide whether to bury her or cremate her....both are repulsive, I need your insight, what to do with furry friends no longer breathing, can we donate them to science?

I'm sure it wasn't easy to get to where you're at in your studio, but you have to love it now! I'm wishing I could do the same thing . . . one step at a time toward that goal. Happy artistic journaling . . .

I want to cat sit at Moss Cottage when you take off for Siberia and all other points east-west-north-and south....but WAIT! ...then I'd miss YOU!

OMG girl, look at that table and closet, don't cha just love spiffed up and all clean and tidy spaces which frees up all the art held inside it's confines. I am loving the look and that pillow on your new chair is yummy and so inviting. Makes me wish I could just walk down the street and drop in for some art play. And of course, always enjoy seeing your journal pages come to life. And thanks bunches for the side bar shout out for our ROD's. You Rock Mary Ann!!!

LOVE THAT SPARE CLOSET!!! Why, a person could truly find what they are searching for in there. hehe
Says she who must get cracking on straightening out her own space.
Seriously though, I am a teeny bit jealous of all that order. You might say I covet it. ;)))
Peace & blessings on your new space,

GMC, I swear your cottage is as big as mine the closet is great gives me hope with mine!!!!:) I've been wanting to make an art room but decisions are not my best, so Ill follow your lead and see some ideas.
There beautiful,
Have a great day,

Love the orange chair.... great find! Your place is taking shape nicely. How are the cats doing with the new floors???

WOW! i love your new, clean space. i am inspired that one day i will have a nice, organized art space of my own. baby steps...i'll get there. ;) thank you for the mention of my journals on your sidebar. i appreciate the rope! ;) you are a generous artist and teacher. you've really started a revolution via the ROD journals. :) i'm anxiously awaiting another one of your classes...is there another in the works? did i read that somewhere here or was i dreaming a lovely dream? ;)

The cracks are big, sometimes people fall through. That's going in my journal under "words to remember for sanity's sake." That orange chair is a beauty. Seems to be in excellent condition. Place looks good.

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