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Saturday, November 06, 2010


Looks like the chaos was more than worth it!

The crib is rockin' and swivilin'---nice:)

Yay! So much lighter, brighter with the sunny wood floor and your orange chair sitting pretty. What a relief for you and the kittens.

Your blog is such fun! I love reading about your traveling adventures, Moss cottage and the cat posse! Your journals are super fabulous too! I'm saving my pennies to take your ROD class! Can't wait with all the great comments and pix I've seen over the months! My goal is to have stacks and stacks of journals on my end tables, happily made and bursting with memories. You are funtastic inspiration! ~ Cindy

Ahhh your cottage, Miss Moss, is looking fabulous. Bright and cheery and super easy to clean. But...only one cupboard for art supplies? How can that be? Happy creating...

Fantabulous! Yay good for you!!!

Greeting Moss Cottage and Posse, When I arrived here today the pictures of your beautiful floors took my breath away just like I did with mine 3 years ago. How wonderful they are and I agree its like your in a new place when you open the door and they welcome you with there beauty and shine. Ive never been happier for someone as if they were mine. Enjoy them my dear and can not wait for the wonderful stories to come of you being in that swivil chair all cozied up with the boy's.
My heart is so full with happyness for you,
Have a wonderfulday,

Fabulous chair! I love craigs list!! I'm so happy for you. When my husband and I moved from L.A. (a year ago) up the coast to Thousand Oaks, all we had to do was put our purged stuff at the curb and WHAMMO -gone in minutes. It was kinda fun to watch. Enjoy your great new floors!

I am in serious lust over that orange chair! Love it, it's perfect. And, the floors look amazing. Enjoy!

emily i didnt put too much thought into the purge. i just knew i wanted less STUFF in my environment. less bulky furniture, fewer art supplies, fewer books, fewer clothes. so basically when i was packing for the hardwood floors i didnt pack things i rarely used. some things that hadnt seen the light of day in years were just chucked without even looking at them or going through them. the more things i got rid of the bolder i got. throw throw throw. recycle recycle recycle. In my neighborhood if you set stuff out on the curb within hours its magically gone! i did the same with my books. i give them a once over and start pulling out books that hold no charge for me anymore.
I only have 2 tiny closets in the entire cottage! 1 is for art supplies 1 is for clothes.
Im not a neatnik, but i am extremely distracted by clutter in my art space. my method is haphazard and impulsive and in the past i have gotten rid of things I regretted. but more often, CLEARING the crap feels better than losing something precious.

Looking very good. Congratulations.

Very nice... all of it. From the new floors to the fab swivel chair. And Kudos to you for purging so much stuff, I applaud you.

I don't usually like "mid-century" items, as it translates to something that could have been in my parent's house, but how could I NOT like an orange swivel rocker? Very cool, and so are the floors!

And, besides, my parents would never have understood an ORANGE swivel rocker! That was the COOL mid-century stuff...

I really need to do some serious purging! Since starting back to teaching full time, my creative time is very limited and now I find I spend more time trying to find thins than actually making something.
Might be time to get serious about purging! What kind of thought process did you have when you did this?

Beautiful all.

Gorgeous. And happy swiveling.

every room seems so much larger! Amazing! And, that will be my sitting chair next time I am there!

lovely new floors, and great reorganization. now you can begin that new on-line class you've been thinking of.
we're all excited for you!!

Looking good, Mary Ann...Don't you just love it ,everything seems to sparkle just a little bit brighter... right before the new clutter settles in again,
piece by piece. Ha. ENJOY!!!

that orange chair is rocking!!!

beautiful mary ann. the orange chair is just the right thing for your recent orange mood. great find. love the floors. enjoy your "new" nest.


enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...
It looks FAB !

Looks so cozy with the new chair - and the floors just glow!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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