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Thursday, November 04, 2010


Ha! You said "woody"!

Hang in there ~ you're almost there!

There must be something in the air between California and southern Italy. I have just moved here and resumed blogging and reading blogs today. Wondering how to find the energy and courage and money to remodel a rundown home...plus after many cold wet storms it is hot and sunny....and I want a tangerine sofa too, or tangerine walls...In the meantime I am eating them, tangerines, that is.

You are going to LOVE this when it's done!

as uncomfortable and disruptive it is to go through this, you'll be ever so happy you did it when it's completed. remember, beauty grows from pain! it's lookin' good . . . wish I were doing the same kind of renovation. Can't wait to see the end result! Hang in there . . .

Deluxe and delightful.

Wishing you a completed home MaryAnn, and a thank you again ...for the travel recs. We are in an appartamente high above it all in Orvieto. Perfecto!

Hardwood floor heaven is what that is! They look gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all gussied up!

aaahh...i would call it hardwood floor jubilee! you'll be thrilled when this is completed ... ;)

wonderful wonderful wonderful!

cat posse with buck moss at the helm have been safely ensconsed in feline campsite on hill out back. they return once worker bees split and mama pulls up in her chariot!

One of my kitties would have disappeared into the closet and never came out and one would be right there in the middle of EVERYTHING...

Can't wait for the big fiesta when everything is done! Yeah!!!

The floor is starting to look delightful. Love the photo of Wyatt Earp (I think?) looking down into the "unknown". How have the cats been taking to strange people with power tools? Mine would have disappeared.

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