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Saturday, November 13, 2010


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I DO love to read your blogs!

You are the coolest person I (kinda) know. Fer real.

Orange you nice!? Such a sweetie.

Ok i am not ashamed to say that reading your weekend post while listening to Sting sing Roxanne may be as close to reverent worship as one can get. Or at least one like me......

Very nice post. You're writing always makes me feel better. Mary Ann Moss you have determined what is important in life. Keep going.

Glittering sunshine and Big Thoughts - pure poetry.
Sounds like you had a perfect day.
Blowing you a kiss from the other side of the world.

Girl you do know how to shop! You are the Queen of finding wonderful, unique pieces that work hard and look so cool. Just love em all.

have you ever thought about teaching adult monkeys in a classroom?
your posts are just out and out cool ms. moss....

orange loopy loops, of course.

I wonder how the guy in the VW bus managed to steer and shift whilst hanging argyle foot out window and plunking guitar. Those Cali skills!!!

How are you protecting the beautiful floor from chair scrapes?

easy susan, he was PARKED. ha ha

mission accomplished! and thanks for the tip about the flooring guy!

awesome post... simply wonderful :)

It's time to break the silence...I've been a faithful follower of your blog for years...your delight, enthusiasm and reverence for life keep bringing me back...

This is why I love you.

You are AWESOME! I totally love how it is all coming together there at Moss Cottage.

Have to say I am, SO RELIEVED that "messy" is back - I always feel uncomfortable around "tidy"!

Everytime I read your blog, you simply make me smile HUGELY on the outside and more importantly on the inside. WAVING and smiling across the miles where I am warm and snug and looking out my window at piles and piles of snow!!!!!!!

Miss Moss - you have my pine desk's doppelganger! ha ha. so of course, I love your new desk. Wanna see the comfy chocolate sofa with a cat or two posed for posterity. Nice job on the redo:)

A perfect post, Mary Ann. Thank you - it's Monday here as I write this. Dank autumn, hard work outside closing up the garden room until spring. Back inside, log fire, more journalling. Hey, life's taking on a sort of MAM glow!

Craig's list ROCKS! I spent a similar weekend up here in Ventura County getting free decorative rocks for the yard and a great fridge/freezer for the garage. The weather in So. Cal was breath-taking this past weekend!! Life is beautiful and I love following blogs like yours that celebrate life and creativity!

What a great way to spend a Saturday! I think I can smell the oranges too...

And I'll bet the posse is "digging" the new cat scratch post almost as much as you dug your day!

GMC", you are to much the pacific palisades trip was wonderful to read about I have been wanting to go to cali and some of these places for ages and you took me:) Should of been more pictures of ocean!:) For all the travels you have taken us on this one has to be the best ever!!! Smiling on this grey cold rain day here and loving this trip so. Your room is wonderful to say the least and thank you so for cheering me up.
Your'e the best,

Wow! fantastic artwork!
I like a lot!
grt from Spain

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