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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi - first let me say a long overdue thank you for your blog - it inspires and delights me. Second, is that a Kindle I spy in your photo with the reading comment? May I ask where you got the nifty cover?

When I had my gallery, I painted the walls a soft shade of lavender grey and WHAM! Made everyone's works of art stand out and be complimented! Perfect background for you, artist that you are.

Go grey...I just did my whole house in various shades, it was agonizing to find the "right" shades and 20 test pathes later...... may I suggest, from the martha stewart line at Home depot...Cement grey, so not a sexy name. But its warm and relaxing, white and woods pop around it. Another wall color was Anvil, a dark grey blue for the entry. The rest was a paul revere pewter from Ben Moore very subtle...
Keep us posted

My favorite nail polish of the moment?
OPI's pearly gray "Moon Over Mumbai"......swoon......

Grwwtings Moss Cottage,Happy Mr. Turkey Day as I read you had a good one. So did I A gathering of Me and My emmer(MY dog) turkey breast scaloped potatos the ever famous green been dish but no stuffing sad to say no bread and could not get to store,:( But movies really cold in Pittsburgh under covers with heating pad and really a fine day for me this year. I like the swivling chair I could just see you in my minds eye and the best this would be:) Sorry a few days late I havent been on line for a few not feeling well the cold is making me not good. I really need to win the lotto and get my beach cottage with plenty of sun shine so say a big prayer for me Im ready to go.
Have a wonderfulmagical day in your chair:)

The turkey is thinner and I am now the stuffed one. I love your idea of some grey colors. We did our kitchen in a light shade of silver grey and I absolutely love it!!! Elegant, warm and comfortable all at the same time. Happy weekend to you Miss Moss.

Oh, Mary Ann Moss you know how to LIVE.

I was alone by choice as well on the day. I made myself a little feast and enjoyed some craftiness and some puppy time and some TV. Grateful for it all.

I was alone with dh who ended up with a tummy bug so in effect I was alone. Some times that's a pretty good way to spend the day.

sounds wonderful! We too spend the holiday alone. I was tempted to feel depressed without friends or family but it was good for us. I didn't get much art done but did get a nap, plenty of wine and too much food. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of your holiday! Today we're off to Denver to meet King Tut!

A little late but I didn't want the Thanksgiving weekend to pass without saying thanks for so much creative inspiration. Thanks, Miss Maryann!

I spent Thanksgiving Day alone, too, and had a perfectly lovely time :-)

Mesmerized by the photo of the jar. Sounds like it was a great Thanksgiving.

Sounds like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving! I love the pages you've shared here - the grey and orange and the turquoise work so nicely together ... more delicious than turkey and pie!

I painted my guest room grey, a paint color called "silver screen". If you paint your room grey with a low gloss or gloss sheen it will reflect light. So pretty. :)

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

Back at ya! Sounds to me like you had an absolutely perfect day.
I used to have grey walls when I lived in Berlin. But during the winter, I found it too dark. Doesn't reflect the light very well. But in your part of the world, that probably isn't a problem.

Right back at ya Maryann!! Gray walls are neat! Recently at a friends whose walls were gray I really liked it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, MA!

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