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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Love the hardwood floor update. How come you can make even home renovations seem like a travel adventure? Just love catching up with you. If you are ever in Houston...you better promise me that I can take you to dinner with my family so I can properly thank you for just all that you share. Loving the orange too!

Don't despair, you will love it later!!!

Oh my. What does the cat posse say to all this? Cats so hate to have their lives disrupted by change. I just hope they will love the new floor as much as you will.

trials and tributions of an excavation. You will soon be transported to wood floor heaven where you will be soaking up the sun rays that will be bouncing up from that glorious and golden floor to greet You. So while you are waiting, close your eyes, tap your expectant toesies together and repeat, there's no place like home with wood floors, do this 3 times and turn in a circle, yes, you can do it...there is just enough room. And when you open your eyes that floor will be where it is supposed to be, under your feet!!!!! :)

Hahaha! Empathy vibes heading your way from the Pacific Northwest. Our main bathroom is right now nothing but studs, plywood subfloor (and even that has a big hole in it)and ceiling. All ablutionary activities must take place in the teeny tiny "master" bath which consists of toilet, sink, tiny shower and enough floor space for one person to stand. I am grateful every day for my sense of humor.

Hang in there - it will be worth it!

So where are you exactly - are you still in the box fort here or bivouacked (how DOES one spell that anyway? It's such a good word and underused) somewheres on your estate? (!)

oh the chaos that is renovations! hang in there, it'll all be worth it in the end. we have been procrastinating getting hardwood floors because of all the work involved. wished we had done it before moving into this house. enjoy it, it'll soon be over.

Just keep telling yourself it's all going to be worth it when those yummy floors are done! We redid our hardwood floors this year so I get what your going through, chaos before the calm

OMG you are cracking me up! I bet you can't wait til you have your new floors! Sounds like an adventure tho!

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