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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love your journal pages!! I'm so bad (lazy) about doing backgrounds, and they are so wonderful!


Thank you for that beautiful poem. I did read it out loud and it was even better that way.

that made me feel all dreamy...you are so fabulous!!!!! my favorite frost poem though is stopping by the woods on a snowy evening...

Thank you for the poem! Really enjoyed it, especially because it snowed a little here today & the fall leaves are definitely a thing of the past!

I did read it aloud and the dog enjoyed it. I hope you did too,although the cold my husband shared with me has rendered me a bit scratchy. I am especially fond of the very last bit of that lovely poem. Thanks.

Did you hear? I am sure you did...

I won my very own ledger bid on ebay... of coarse I am greedy and am bidding on a second one.... you've got me hooked woman!!! Question 2: Do you hand or machine sew your signatures??? And I finally purchased my own sewing machine... See your such an influence on me!!!

Ack now I am thinking of other questions for you??? How many signatures in this journal# twelve???


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