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Friday, October 08, 2010


This is my favorite video too! What a nice ride. Thank you for sharing it with us.

It was 20 years ago that I was in Turkey and I felt the same as you about the country. It has heart and vibrance and soul.
I love your photos, your videos and your words. Thank you for the re-tour.

Bravo sister on your video. i love the movement of the water and birds and seeing a mosque on the shore line and our sister with you.
bravo on the way you put this video together.

Bliss...pure bliss.

The video is terrific. I especially like the way the music works with the birds flying - really wonderful.

I've been enjoying your travel stories and pics so much! (I always do!) But especially so since I've been reading The Historian which is partially set in Istanbul. I could not even picture that part of the world but your descriptions and photos have helped it come alive and now I've been dreaming of the Hagia Sophia, rich tapestries, and hot tea in little glass cups! I do think I'll avoid the libraries, though. Hope you didn't come across any history-protecting vampires in your travels ;-)

thanks so much for sharing all of this with us. seems like this one was a big one for you!

jenny actually the music is: El Ten Eleven
song is My Only Swerving I have been dying to use that music in a video!!!!!
-mary ann

Thanks for taking us along for the ride, it was wonderful!

I felt like I was riding right along with you. Lovely!!

Beautiful! I love the music you chose for your video. I assume it is Mercan Dede? And yes, judging from your video, the Bosphorous definitely has a soul.

That was a journey not easily forgotten, seeing it made me realize just how young our countries really are (US & Canada) Thank you for sharing your adventures with me, I got to see places I probably never will visit and it was wonderful

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