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Thursday, October 14, 2010


So nice to see those pretty hands turning the pages of yet another fabulous journal. Talent runs in the Moss family.

Greetings Moss cottage, Love your journal Carol. My dogwhen the music started was tilting he's head and ears just listing it was great.:) Thank you,and have a great day,

lindy - the tune on my sisters journal flipping is from EHMA song= L'arrivee.

You never bore me. Just love looking at all your travels and your sister's book. What a pleasure you are to visit. - Molly

Your journal is absolutely fantastic! I'm very inspired and impressed. Would you please tell me the names of the musicians for the songs you select for your videos? How do you find such delightful music to accompany your creative and fabulous journals? Is there no end to your creativity? Thanks for all you do!!

Absolutely wonderful and SOOOO inspiring. How many pages do you think you put in a signature?

Oh what fun to create this amazing journal! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!! Question... When you are taking pictures on a trip, what percentage will you add to your travel journal. I tend to take 37,000 pictures on a trip, then am overwhelmed when I get back home to "scrapbook" them in a way that is authentic.
Thank you for sharing! Jodeen

Love! Mary Ann, Carol's journal is fabulous! I love your choice of music, too. It reminds me of a music box (which I always associate with treasures--how perfect for this journal).
Happy fall to you and the cat posse. Much love, Sara

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