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Sunday, October 24, 2010


ok now I know! Love the floor color! I'm enjoying your 'orange' thoughts ;)

You have confirmed my worst fear: Some day, after Ozzie (my elderly and - I can only say it straight out- often barfing and a tiny bit incontinent) Airedale has gone to the big dog kennel in the sky, and when I can afford it, and I want to replace my 20 year old carpet, I WILL HAVE TO MOVE EVERYTHING FOR THE CARPET LAYERS. Perhaps by then, my eyesight will be so poor I can no longer see how badly the carpet needs to be replaced?

I absolutely love everything about that pillow! Does she make and sell these? I just came across your blog and I am so inpired by your work. Your journals are amazing. I must look into your classes.

nothing like going on safari right in your own home...excavation, then exultation when the floor is in...you will step upon that new floor and glide from room to room...your lil tootsies are gonna become one with the wood and the warmth will spread from the tree's limbs to yours...one with all things....ok, what a bunch of silliness...but I DO really think your home is going to be even more cozy. The pillow is utterly divine!!!!

It is nice to know that someone 'gets me' I pack/ clean in the exact same manner. Cheeseburgers are good cleaning food. :) Your floors will be amazing, and the posse will grow to tolerate them.

Good luck, Mary Ann!
I love your photos in this post. Your inspiration wall is awesome (Yay ORANGE)!. The pillow is so dear. It is also fun to see all of your "stuff" that you have to pack.
Oh, yeah, your explanation of how the packing was going for you sounds so familiar like when I am supposed to do any kind of organizing task. It is too much fun to rediscover all of the things I forgot I had! I could totally relate.

Love you Mary Ann. I can't wait to see your new floors! Hardwood makes mess clean up of the paper clipping variety so much easier--as long as the cat posse doesn't mind a leaf blower in the house. :)

That hardwood flooring is just yummy, we are looking forward to seeing the process/finished results, it's going to look amazing. Oh good luck with all that packing and if you can get them out of the way of your floor guy things will go faster :-) Love all the treasures you have tucked/hidden away :-)

ha ha! that sounds like me when it's time to pack or clean. my husband hates it when i decide to "clean" the house because it mostly involves sitting on the floor surrounded in my journals from high school or letters from old friends or the kids' artwork from when they were wee. it never fails! but i love to "clean" even if it just means i get to look at all the lost things and remember good times. oh, and hurray for wood floors! we are renting and the whole house is wall to wall carpet. i can still hear the creaks and moans of the wood floors beneath my feet, dying to see the light of day! sigh. some day we will own a house with real wood floors! ;)

Your home has great bones, once the hardwood is in, give the moulding a whack of bright white-vanilla paint and the floors will "pop" without painting walls -- (if it needs it- had to tell from the photo), because the best time to catch up on painting, or course, is when the floor guy is still there to move all your boxes back in after you paint:)

Boy do I totally get this. I decided to put in a thread rack in my sewing room. Well that meant I had to reposition the sewing tables. Well that means two rolling cabinets need to be moved into my bedroom. Well that means my bedroom has to have the furniture relocated so the desk can be facing the center with these cabinets behind it. Well I am currently with my bed in the MIDDLE of the room and finally about to move the dresser. Once thats done I can move the DESK!!!! Or maybe save that for later, but I can finally move the cabinets in I think.
Like you I keep throwing things out or putting in recycling...it just doesn't stop does it?

It is comforting and good to be a witness to this process. Comforting because it is similar to many of our own processes.

It will be beyond a thrill for you and us bloggites to see the beautiful floors when done.

very very good luck on getting this all assembled and trundled away for now

The flooring is marvelous, the pillow is gorgeous and your sister is too funny for words....as are you!!! I do so enjoy following all your adventures, at home and abroad. Thanks for sharing!!

"Is is lunch time yet?" and "I wonder if the mail is here yet?" are my two favourite distractions during the day. Happy packing!

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