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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oye, cant believe that invitation to visit printed twice up there- tried go back and delete the comment that I made twice by mistake, but it wont let me...oh well....silly me...............

Love this post Mary Ann! Love the construction stories! Just visited you today after not checking in for awhle-what a delight...
I appreciate your humor always. Come visit my Italian construction zone:


Awesome sofa, I want it, too (now I only need to find a sponsor)!

Hmmm..."tangerine"....tangerine? Like the fruit? In otherwords, that would be ORANGE! You really are in a phase :-) Love it!

ooo... I'm so jealous, and excited for you. I want hardwood floors so bad!

I can see the sawdust plume from Oceanside! Love the tangerine sofa. Can't wait to see the new crib.

so exciting! can't wait to see the big reveal! ;) good luck!

So exciting to remodel!!!!

That sofa is awesome! I would love to have a cool sofa like that.

Love the storage idea and absolutely love the tangerine sofa!!!!

ahhh, I have Feed Demon now and I'm back on track with my fav blogs! Love to see people's spaces! So your moving? I need to go back in postings. Have missed reading your wonderful posting. (my fault)

Greetings Moss Cottage, Youre some super women just got home and barly caught your breath now your remodling. Wow. I do not know how many rooms youre doing but what ever you do is cover everything with plastic cause if they dont have an air thing on the sander youll be doing floor sand every nook and crany for years! Had mine done and he did not have the air hose on there machine and did not tape rooms that wasnt being done really big mastake. But with this said its worth every packed box kitties going crazy from all the boxes, and frankly living out of the boxes there beautyful:):)which I would of done more rooms but when the funds run out and you cant prep anymore (I did alot of the work cause they were so bad)Worth every soreness in my body.
Enjoy my dear super women you:)

Oh I can totally recommend the storage unit... IKEA right? I have the same and it's super!
I also like what Carol suggested about getting orange socks to slide across your new floor! Woohoo!

That storage unit and the tangerine sofa are for sure something to get!!!!

LOVE the tangerine sofa!!! Do it!!!

Giving it away!!!!! I'm here!!!

Whew! Take a deep breath. And get some new orange socks so you can slide across those floors.

So Much Fun!!!

Oh that storage unit looks dreamy and so does the couch, just what a girl needs! Can't wait to see those floors down, you are going to love them and all that packing will have been worth it.

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