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Monday, September 27, 2010


Really digging these pages!

Greetings Moss Cottage, Wonderful Sis pages thank you so for letting us see youre pages. Cat posse is he okay? They sure do these ussafe things dont they give a hug hes probly all upset. Youre got the heat and I have a cold front for the last few days sure is funny .
Have a wonderfulday,

One of the good things about seeing Sister's journal is that we get to see a couple of pictures of you, too. It's such fun seeing Istanbul through your two sets of eyes. I'll probably never get there.

We definetely support the opinion of Brian Kasstle "There are some very cool journaling genes in your family!"

Really professional!

Gosh, I hope your climbing kitty is ok! And am also enjoying the recounting of your trip.

Cool Pick.......................Mary Ann

a huffing and a puffin, some of the nw winds southward...I hear ya on the heat...way too many of those days this summer up here in da nort' woods ...drink lots of fluids (of your choice) make it a tall one, curl up with a journal or your favorite book and hunker down with the AC cranked up. Journal pages are of course... fantastic.

It is so luverly! I too am wilting, wilting in the heat wave. I am going to have to go stand in a tub of water before my petals droop. Hope the kitty is okay, always a worry when they get treed.

There are some very cool journaling genes in your family!

YAY for seeing Sista's pics! LOVE love love it!

Mary Ann, very cool journal pics! Sister likes graphing and charting. What a great reminder of your travel to Turkey.

these are wicked cool! wow!

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