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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That music is fantastic! So unique. And this looks like an absolutely amazing day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to Mercan Dede....I love that music. I gotta have me some of that when I'm in the studio.

Wow you guys really know how to do coffee! Thanks for sharing your adventures in Turkey with us

hey there miss violet cadburry,

i make my own visual journals with 140 lb. hotpress watercolor paper.
the bosphorus is sparkling blue and although ive read its polluted you cant tell by looking at it. nary a smell - other than salty sea water rising from its depths.
the streets were certainly not trashy, but neither were they pristine. any city thats over 2000 years old is gonna have some wear and tear. ha ha ha
i saw some graffiti, but not much compared to other places.

I'm supremely enjoying your blog entries and it's bringing back wonderful memories of that country.

I think Mercan Dede would look smashing in a whirling dervish ensemble! Jarrett, on the other hand....Loving the photos and commentary. I am surprised at how clean the streets are, was there any trash, grafitti, dog do-do, etc.? What does the Bosphorus smell like? Does it glow at night? P.S. what kind of book do you use for visual journals, I bought a blankety-blank book from Barney's Nobility and the paper curls like my mother-in-law's talon fingernails!!!! I am using acrylic paint very timidly. THX!

I really am enjoying seeing your pictures and journal pages and reading about your trip to Turkey. It makes me want to go to a place I never dreamed I would be interested in going too. Thanks

Moss Cottage How Magical this all is for you and your sister. You are so blessed to have a sister to travel with let alone you both are so in sinc with one another your journals are well cant think of anything but wonderful and the stories like your walking with you on these wonderful journies taking in whats all around for us to see.I also envy your closesness to your sister its a blessing we all should have for our lives. Im so happy and thankful you have gone on this journey and thank you for taking me along I cant wait for a new day to see what is next!!!
Have a great day My Moss cottage and tell your sis to please show some of her pages?

Oh how I envy you! I've read back, back, back on your blog and I just love everything you've done. I am especially envious of your creative space! I have an entire bedroom that I use and last night when I went in there (after spending several hours looking at your blog) I was disappointed when to see that my space isn't nearly as creative as yours. I also envy your travels and having a sister to do it with.

Anyway, I read you daily and I just love your blog!!

What beautiful and haunting music! And your journal just looks delicious. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Do you fill it mostly while you are there or when you return?

yowza! I don't often cry at blog posts, because it's so dumb.
but, this...

Your blog is AMAZING! I can't wait every morning to see what's posted. I only hope that someday I will be able to journal half as well as you do. I hope to sign up for your "Remains of the Day" soon to get started!!!

what a surprise and delight the music turned out to be! a bit of hip-hop with wonderful new instruments....the journal is inspiring me to get back to ROD, now if i can only find your videos again. i look forward to the next post!

What a amazing experience. I think that is just about the coolest travel tale have ever heard. The music is haunting and delightful, a beautiful feast for the soul and heart. I can't get over the photos and of course your journal...serious journal envy going on as well as wanting to visit Turkey. I am hanging on every word. I feel like one of the mosslings in your class room where we all sit around in a circle and you share a story and we get to look at the pictures and oooohhhhh and ahhhhhh at all of them. I am totally absorbing your experiences.

Oooooo, and what a looker that Mercan fellow is! I think so anyway. Great music-a little like turkish rap, with sufi angels. I was wondering, MA, what those white "thingies" are in the pic of the mosque, near the scooter - they look like bathtubs. Looking forward to further travelogues - thanks!

I love the music! Thanks for introducing me to him.

Delightful encounter indeed!
You girls are so fortunate to have one another to travel with....it's so amazing to have one of "like mindedness" not wanting you to be on their prescribed itinerary....
Aren't the most "ordinary" people extraordinary when taken out of one's own environ?
I swoon with delight seeing your "travelogues" both in blog form and in journal form....
Can't you convince your sister to share more of hers? Does she have no blog?
And can I not convince you to do an in person workshop here in L.A. (perhaps at my own large studio in the O.C.? Just sayin')

I've decided I want to come back as you in another life! Love they yummy journal. I also love all the pictures of the cats. No matter where we are, I stop to talk to or pet animals. My hubby always says, you act like you've never seen a dog before and we have four at home. I just love the little guy grabbing the tail. Hugs

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