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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I enjoy reading your travelogs to this exotic place. I will never be able to go, but seeing the kind of pictures you take and commentary helps me to live it. I like how you took local color pictures, the kitties, the streets, shops, the ladies with scarves. Those details are so helpful.

You write travelogues as beautifully as you journal your experiences!! I have enjoyed reading and looking and listening! to your adventures. My own work lately has taken me down some sufi Muslim roads and I am continually flabbergasted at the underlying, mystically similarities of ALL spiritual practices....I'll share with you sometime if you're interested :)

welcome home and thanks for the memories


Those kitties. Just melting over their perches like they weigh a ton, but you know it's all fluff and wiggles.
I have many faults, but one of them is not thinking that where a mosque is has anything to do with anything. People's minds are so crotchety.

The fearlessness with which you explore these strange, new worlds is a large part of what I find so fascinating about your travels. I try to imagine myself wandering around a foreign country like you do and where once I might have failed, now I see myself having similar adventures. You give me courage with each travelogue and I anxiously await every new post!!

your journals are lovely!! i can't wait to see more!

being pretty sure i will never be able to travel like this i am loving seeing a foreign country through your and your sister's eyes. i agree with you, if i wanted history and facts i would ready a book, pick up literature, or research the internet. love seeing all the kitties in all their "comfy" spaces.

Thank you! Thank you! I love each and every entry!

Ah, Maryann, I agree 100%! Thank you for sharing your experiences on your blog. I'm utterly jealous, but appreciate you taking the time to reflect and share your journeys.

Hey You world traveler, I devoured every morsel of your post. And agree with you about the lack of understanding towards Islam. If I closed my eyes and relaxed I could almost feel that carpet under my toes, I could almost hear the purr from the kitties. As far as guided tours, couldn't agree with you more. I like to wander on my own, I don't want historical data, I want emotion, I want time to connect with the place and the people, I want to touch textures, day dream, wonder and time to be in awe and present in that moment and that is hard to do if someone is moving you along and chattering about facts. Facts simply cannot compare to what is right in front of you, the history is in the rock and stone which needs to be touched with our eyes, our fingers, and most importantly by our hearts. I am loving each and every word and photo you are sharing. Will sit here quietly and wait for more. :)

Heaven....loving the kitties....I'm with you on the guided tours. I only sign up if it's a place that would be really hard to get to/go through...otherwise I'm a lollygagger....LOL! Beth

Fascinating and beautiful. Fantastic in every way.

Loving your trip updates, what a fascinating place to visit!

I just returned from a trip to Central Europe with my husband and MIL so I can relate with both you and Renate (comment above) about the guided tours...my MIL was big on tours, as well as reading from, and following to a T, the guidebook we were using...as for me, I was often hundreds of steps behind the group taking photos, breathing in, drinking in the visual buffet, or as my husband says "imbibing the culture." I'm an imbiber, and I won't apologize, haha.

Keep the wonderment coming!

such awesome pics you have been posting...but the kitties!!!! aggghhh!! I would want to steal them all. Too precious

I completely sympathise about guided tours. My MIL thrives on them. I hate them. How can you experience a place, when somebody is bombarding you with facts, numbers, names...?
Love the kitties.
Speaking of, I hope the posse is well.

So interesting. i am curious and maybe you told this long before you left on your trip, but why did you go to Turkey? Just someplace you always wanted to visit or how did you choose it?

Oh how very wonderful, I'm more than a leetle bit jealous! Someday I'll get there, there's an awful lot of world to see :)

oh thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!

sigh, sigh, heavy sigh
these are lovely!!!

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