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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just got a chance to sit down and catch up on your blog. Wow, Mary Ann, your trip to Istanbul was breathtaking. Thank you. And I loved the mosaics that you posted while you were gone. Thanks always for sharing. I just love not only your art, but the photos and your words. Inspiring always.

Just the phrase: "Grand Bazaar" makes me dizzy with anticipation.....

I love this!!! I so get the feeling of the place ... I am freaking out of the wall hangings!!!! I love those! We used to see them in the little textile places in Pakistan when my parents lived there. I love seeing the journaling in action!!!

Sigh, BIG, REALLY REALLY BIG Sigh!!!! What an amazing view!!! The sites and sounds are so sweetly soothing. Watching your sis so content with her journal, easy to see all the joy in the task. Smiled when I spied the hammer and couldn't help but wonder how you might have explained that in your luggage if it had been found. Seeing the table with all the art gear all spread out got me to thinking how cool it would be to have an art journaling pot luck. Everyone brings an art supply to share and maybe a snack or two, spread everything out on tables and then spend the afternoon drinking, eating, and playing; an art buffet and feast. I wanted to pull up one of those chairs and join your sister.

I am off to bed to dream of that view.

i feel like you have taken me on your trip with you. thank you. LOVE your blog!

rainy, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha im still laughing about the hammer. we found it in the apartment but it came in handy. scissors? but of course. our travel supplies go in our suitcases in the plastic boxes. suitcases are checked. we do handcarry our journals though!

Oh I love your video! It makes me want to go to Istanbul! You guys would love Croatia! It is lovely!

I see that big hammer on the art table! Who's suitcase was that in? Now we know why it was so hard to carry suitcases up to the apartment, don't we? It's great to watch your videos and see how in the moment you both are when you're on vacation. I love watching Sister's hands at work. I know she has a name but since that's what you call her, I will, too. I had an Aunt Sis so I really love that as a name.

Inquiring minds want to know? Do you take scissors with you? I didn't know what they would allow on the plane. Also is that hammer yours on the table? Love the video!

Oh you women are so good with that journaling. Maybe I can exercise some discipline on the next trip if I have a pretty journal like yours. hmmm...that means I should make it now, right?

Did you specify a room with a view when apartment hunting? Spectacular!

Tech questions:
Did you edit these in iMovie?
And is that how you did the little scroll captions at the bottom

What a fabulous view from your window!

love watching the journaling.....the music in the background, was that Breathe? or Su? i have looked up both on amazon and cannot decide.

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who brings that much art crap with them when traveling. :)

Love your view. The cruise ships outside cracked me up.

Sweet little movie! One really wants to travel somewhere nice and just sit and write!

More, I want more! For not being there and never being there, I felt like I was a little while watching your video. Lovely view, and AWESOME journaling! Thanks for sharing this...

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