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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I think those colors are fantastic! I had no idea that it was so lovely there! BTW, do you know the song "Telephone Call from Istanbul" by Tom Waits? :)

OMG---what gorgeous treasures!!! I love the bright colors and wonderful designs on everything!! Moss Cottage is going to be even more beautiful!!

What I love is your talent to post a meaningful blog in such a concise space of words and pictures. There is no blah, blah, blah de flippin blah on this site! E v e r y s p a c e i s e v e n t f u l .

Ohhh I need to go back to Istanbul .... I love your loot! Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure.
“The evil eye bead gives protection and brings luck to all.
With its warm blue and shine it has derived from the fire it gives happiness to friends and beloved ones.”

The evil works! Keeps the evil cooties away. I love all your loot-especially the water. I've really enjoyed your travel journal.
Thanks for posting.

love the vibrant colours and designs. Those pillows are going to make the area you place them in and that plate is stunning, well all of your loot!

Impressive packing to get these home safely. Did you bring an extra suitcase or ship them or stuff them into your bringalong bags?

Ah your house will be safe from all evil now. But did you bring water home???

Like the evil eye protection doo-hickey for the door , the water, the pillow covers, and the rug but AB_SO_LUTELY!! am ga-ga over that beautiful plate.
Quite a haul you've made. And such diverse selections.
Love being a fly on the wall you have erected of your trips.

Beautiful. beautiful! I have been wanting to travel to Istanbul someday and your stories and videos have made me even more eager.
Thanks to you, I can enjoy being an armchair traveler for now!

Fantastic loot. I have a bunch of similar kilim pillows on my kilim covered sofa (hmmm, is it a sofa? a bed converted into a sitting opportunity. a settee? whatever), my husband brought a couple of them home from a job in Turkey, that look just like your rug.

Oh you thevin vixen you! Such lovely loot!

Beautiful things you brought home!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

I LOVE the plate. The colors are fantastic and love the bottled water; I've done that too. :) The rug and pillow covers are stunning. Oh my my my I really need a vacation. Thanks goodness I have you to at least fill the gap with all of your stories and photos. I am lovin' every post.

All Right!!! You shopped!! And you bought a rug!!!
Good haul! Everything looks gorgeous.

The colors in that carpet are. To. Die. For. Damn woman! The line between admiration and envy is mighty thin!!

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