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Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Ooooh...I am liking the wonderful colors of the biuldings and homes. Thanks for sharing your walk. It's been pouring all day and thus twas a good day for a virtual stroll long distance.

Great montage of the city daily MaryAnn. I noticed the rice and potatoes on the plate of food. Do you remember that same combo in Lisbon? Strange to us to have 2 starches but normal to others, I suppose. I love chai glasses but drink too much tea to make them useful.

Wonderful video, music, journaling and small adventures, indeed!
I see a rush on Mercan Dede CD's at Amazon LOL!!!! Gorgeous music!

Oh, I remember rain. I think.
Thank you for making us feel like we succeeded in crawling into your suitcase.
I'm happy now.

This is going to sound goofy but I love the pictures of the food (OK--I do love to eat!!) but it is one of those little details which really allows me to imagine myself traveling along with you and your sister!!! Which thanks to your postings, I am!!

MaryAnn, thank you for the armchair adventure. I have enjoyed each post. The videos with sound really bring the place alive for me. You said your apartment was a bit shabby, but it seems cozy and the location looks very chic. Plus the riviting view. I look forward to your next adventure.

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