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Friday, September 24, 2010


I wasn't sure what a suzani was, exactly, so looked it up. Well, you may have paid too much, but what girl of discerning taste and vivid imagination wouldn't give her worldly wealth to acquire one upon finding out what they are!! Superb! I congratulate you on your wonderful finds, and appreciate the shopping advice on the "alternate" shopping trip to the Grand Bazaar also, I agree, the Kucurkuma sounds a lot less intimidating. Thank you for sharing :-)

I think the free gifts are a traditional way of doing business in Turkey. Did the merchants offer you apple tea? I remember feeling totally overwhelmed in the Grand Bazaar also!!

Enjoyed your videos and descriptions--I was in Istanbul 5 years ago--such a wonderful place!!

I am so enjoying your trip to Turkey--the grand bazaar==so much fun, but so overwhelming I am sure!

the grand bazaar is magnificent! i can see why you were charmed and possessed! and overwhelmed!! it is like a pier one or world market on crack....did you bring an empty suitcase? i would have a hard time getting out of there. the pottery! and the lamps!! i MUST visit istanbul!!

I am loving tour tales of Istanbul ...they bring back so many memories. Thank you ... I love the Grand Bazaar but rarely came out the same entrance ...then I saw this aerial view http://justpaste.it/3ky ... now I know why. I can't wait to see more of your adventure ....xx

Thoroughly enjoyed your tale of wares and mayhem. Please do show and tell Miss Moss. We wanna see what you brought home. Please, pretty please.

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