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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


and Moss cottage will never be the same.....

Wow, simply gorgeous colours and designs!


A suzani is just what you see here on these pages. An embroidered cloth. Used as bedspreads, curtains, wall hangings, pillow covers, and traditionally...? I dont know. All of the embroidered motifs and designs are often particular to the region that they come from. Lovely arent they?

Can you imagine how much time it took to embroider those suzanis? They are truly amazing. I think I read once that patterns like these and the ones in rugs are unique to a particular maker and that an expert can identify who did them by the pattern. Whatever you paid is worth every penny. A museum would be proud to own these. and so would I.

ok I am willing to ask the silly question - what is a suzani? They are beautiful!

Oh the fine trapings of Sultina Moss Place!

OMGosh those are SO lovely!!! Thanks so much for the peeks into your Turkey trip... so beautiful... all those pastels... GORGEOUS. :)

So colorful, so pretty :)

show us more of what you lugged home with you.. would love to see more of your treasures.

great journal pages on your blog, cool photos, lines, shapes, colors!!

They are soooo pretty! I can almost feel the textures. They will look stunning when employed.

more technical queries - they are about the width of a double bed? - is that what they are on?

Where did you find the open book and the wiggly photo edges? Or are they a single PS frame?



I am enjoying your trip to Turkey so much. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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