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Saturday, September 25, 2010


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I LOVE looking at your travelogue with your sister. I know I won't be able to travel, so seeing what its like: the trolley/bus ride, the hills, the brick streets, what the food is like. I hope your sister got the label she wanted off that bottle. It is so good to hear the sounds of the call to prayer, the locals talking. There's so much more. Thanks.

I'm enjoying your comments, photos and videos very much. It's especially good to hear people talking on the street and hear the traffic sounds. I didn't expect to see people dressed as they do everywhere: shorts, low cut blouses, jeans and slacks on women, a few head dresses here and there but mostly people look like the tourists you'd see in most cities.
The colors are wonderful... buildings and fabrics are a riot of color.

i'm going to find a big chunk of time and just sit and savor all your photos and videos. thanks for sharing! really!

Your sister summed it up best,


You have taken me more places than I have ever dreamed of being. So appreciate these travel vlogs, the sights, the sounds, and oh darn but the food makes me want to taste it all :-)

I love how the bird has his own call to prayer in the first video - that little 30 seconds of the two sounds intermingled is ranking high in my soundtrack choices for my last moment on this planet. :-) Sweet. Thanks MA!

What were they protesting? Your sister's white scarf is really pretty!

I see a lot of "San Francisco" in Istanbul. Thanks for sharing all your photos/videos.

I'm loving all your videos and would LOVE to visit Istanbul someday! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Love all the music too!

Have loved following in your footsteps - what an adventure! Sigh!

Loved, loved the videos! I was wondering if you had a chance to taste the peppers or dates while there? The dates were fantastic!

next year.....ISTANBUL.
wow! it looks like a delight to all the senses. would you be willing to share information on how to find a great place to stay?
your place seemed to be a great location!
will you post your journal in it's entirety? and Sister's too if she'll share!

Oh this is so much fun!

What a great trip to take with you!!! Istanbul is on my bucket list, for sure now.
Thank you for sharing .

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. The videos are great to really get a "feel" for the place.

gorgeous patterns in the mosque! I had a lengthy stint in the dental chair this week, several hours in fact, and when I closed my eyes as the dentist was drilling, poking & prodding my teeth, I visualized the lovely view from your apartment that I had seen on your video...the water, cruise ships, city lights, evening sky. thanks for taking me to a happier place!!!

I'll tell you what. You know I love visiting your blog. Right now, I have much stuff going on in my life that's not so hot - and traveling to Istanbul, seeing it through your eyes, "hearing" your unique voice in your writings is a bright, uplifting spot in my day. Thanks Mary Ann!

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