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Saturday, August 07, 2010


I've admired this poem for so long and listening to him reading it is just bliss.

How to choose a favourite poem? In the Country with its images of mice and matches? Or Emily Dickinson having her clothes removed? Or one of the many that make you feel you are alone with him in the rooms he describes?

May he keep writing and soothing and amusing us forever! And thanks, Mary Ann, for reminding us that he's there whenever we need him.

It's because of YOU and your blog that I discovered Billy Collins. I adore his work, and because I forced my husband to let me read "poetry" to him...He now knows and likes(probably doesn't adore)Billy as well.

This one is a very poignant one, I read it a lot. My parents are aged 87 and 95.... so longevity is in my genes.

I had a stunningly brilliant reply/comment...really I did...I will get back to you... when I recall it.

For an old lady (well past the crone years) that's a very scary poem! I loved it, thought the animation was outstanding, but still scary..
Incidentally, I love your new photo--you look like a care-free young twenty in a convertible off on a magical adventure.

Rock on!!! Billy Collins is my favorite poet. He should be made Poet Laureate of the earth!! It'a real treat to hear him read this poem. "Sailing Alone Around the Room" was my book groups favorite book. They had balked at reading a book of poetry and as it turns out everyone bough the book and wanted to read their favorite poems to the group! haha! It was the longest book group meeting we ever had! A personal fav of mine is http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/taking-off-emily-dickinson-s-clothes/

Love, Love, Love this! As I move my oldest out to college TODAY, this seems fitting because all those moments I thought I'd never forget somehow seem a little cloudy as I try to recall them; and I used to think my mother was insane when she couldn't come up with the right word to finish a sentence. I'm pretty sure she was younger than I am now when that happened!

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