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Monday, July 19, 2010


OK...you're killing me with delight. I love this city. Warts and all. Born here. Love it. Sometimes, I just drive though the darker places on a dusky evening. Just to see it. And sigh with homecoming.

I was there last week. Now I am back in the land of permanent winter. ;) But I am working on my exit plan.

wow...loving all these photos...it's very inspiring...I signed up for ROD 2 weeks ago and am loving it...I'm obsessed...worked on my book all day and can't wait to get back after it tomorrow night. Thank you so so much for this class...


8 feet tall?

A big thumbs up to visiting the Hermosillo Club and having una cerveza. I will bring a suitable outfit so I won't feel frumpy next to green goblin girl.

Great photos and captions. Your eyes to the normally unseen are very clever and focused.

All so gorgeous and inspiring - ooh yes - typography of the streets! Love this post and wish I could visit LA too!

I don't know which is the best in this post, your quirky labels, the photo frames or the vintage feel of the phots. Maybe all of it together. :-)

It's so strange... I was born and raised in LA and I couldn't run away fast enough. You make me want to move home. I was going to send a link to my Blurb book which is about an Olive Oyl puppet visiting Florida, but I forgot my password. oh well, guess I'll go to bed instead. Thanks, Janice

Love your typography of the streets... really like that.
BTW, I have that wonderful book (Creative Wildfire) and I have been drooling over your pages...

You continue to find new and oh-so individual ways to speak in images. Big treats for us.

Loving it. The narrative, the art, all of it!

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