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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


oh man, these are incredible, and make me all tingly. love how you framed them too. sooooo good.

wow. visual poetry! so awesome.

I really love your work.
I happen to love Billy Collins, too.
Thank you!

oooooowwww, love it... can't wait to see what you do with all this documenting of street art.
i wish toronto were as colourful as LA..!!! or maybe i'm just hanin' out in the wrong side of town... lol.
and love those digi photo frames.
did i already say this, but, i wanna be just like you when i grow up.
p.s. and if you ever come to Toronto, you must must pay me a visit, and we can drink martinis all day... laugh.

awesome as usual.

Love the designs of these posters!

Your nose (ear? eye? heart?) for poetry always blows me alway. You are as skilled and sensitive to well arranged words as you are to those compositions that you find waiting for you to catch on camera. I am very glad you share them in this manner here.

otherwise, it's just Dr. Seuss and limericks for me.

Wow, you have been BUSY! So prolific ... so creative! I am impressed. They are awesome and I am inspired as always.

These posters are way cool. And they remind me of your journal pages...

I love the photo frames you've been using. Where can we find those? Especially the ones you used for your flowers and orchid pot! Gorgeous!

debbie - regular digital photos + digital frames
the 3 on this post are all cropped from 1 photo
then put into the digital frames

Ok, wait. Are you finding decaying posters that look like your photos or are you putting pieces of them together with camera or??? These are way cool! Enquiring minds want to know! :D

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