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Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello. I really love your blog: the poems, the pictures and your art.
Greetings from Brazil.


sometimes I wander the halls of cyberspace, bumping into strange creatures, entering endless hallways with multiplying windows, fending off relentless pop-ups, then I find you....I simply don't know what I am doing, can you tell me how to make your blog a shortcut on my Desktop????

So lately I have been greatly enjoying the blog of Laurie Perry aka crazyauntpurl who wrote "Divorced, drunk and covered in cat hair" and another book, the sequel. She is an LA-ite(?) Los Angelean(?) and owns three cats and has a witty blog and makes me think of you and I wondered if you had heard of her.

Oh you so crazy!

You are amazingly strange and wonderful, but then you know that.
Erin in Morro Bay

but Mary Ann, I see sentiment in the humor! :)

AMEN sister...humor stirs laughter which is considered the best medicine BUT sentiment is usually maudlin emotion, faked or used for manipulation...nothing humorous can come from that!! ;)

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