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Saturday, May 01, 2010


That pudding looks sooooo dreamy!


actually next time I make it i was planning to add a splash of scotch! you are SO PERCEPTIVE stephen my love!

What, a MAM recipe with NO ALCOHOL in it? I'm astonished - but I fear you may start revising the recipe.

I see you are not a pudding skin person. I'm astounded. But then again, if we had a pudding and it had a skin, I'd get it all!

I had forgotten such a thing as butterscotch pudding existed. Another part of childhood rediscovered. You have inspired me to go out and buy some just like my mom did:)

your pudding sounds delish. i've been meaning to make some coconut cream. maybe i will give it a try today. i visited the etsy shops. wonderful books. but when i went to susie's i absolutely fell in love with her work. as much as i am with yours, LOL. soon, soon i will have extra money to take your class. can't wait. but where ever do you all manage to find all those wonderful papers? my scraps and recycled mail looks nothing like what you guys are using. can you feel the envy? hee hee.

Yummmm... I love butterscotch ANYTHING!

Butterscotch anything is my favorite. Your pudding looks so delicious. Yummy! Creamy! Enjoy your mini vacation weekend. Happy creating...

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