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Thursday, February 04, 2010


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Let me just say this--not only is your friend Joe super-talented but he is also super-attractive. *swoon* lol :D

"Triple X porn show" :-D

I'm coming out to shadow The Moss Sisters. Just a few feet behind. Quiet, inconspicuous. "I'll have what they're having..."

OBVIOUSLY, that is where it's at.

"....who IS that woman behind us?..."

The corner table at Yamishiro's! Fabulous!

And I love those green, plump succulents!

The chandelier is sublime. Hi to sister.


Next time I am at Mozza I will try the Butterscotch Budino! Thanks for the tip! My mouth was watering reading the post. Love the Huntington- Great place to sketch! My parents had their first date at the Yamashiro! I am loving this post! :)

Gee dear remind me to hide the silver before you come to visit dear...

I want that chandelier--if i'm ever in your neighborhood invite me in and I will steal it from you! Where were you guys? Was that Joe's house? It looks super cool!

sherri - that is ZINNIA in south pasadena. fantastic little store filled with arty treasures.

Moss Sisters rock LA like noboody can! w00t!

It's 7 in the morning and now you have me yearning for rosemary pinenut cookies! LA is definitely too far away from where I am! We need to do something about that continental drift...


Quante cose buone da mangiare compreso l'invitante budino :-)! Molto particolari le creazioni di Joe.Complimenti. Oggi scrivo in italiano, mi scuserai, mi viene piĆ¹ facile leggendo nel titolo parola -budino-hehe.
Buon week end, Goga

Mary Ann, you whit just tickles me. "I dont feel bad stealing from a friend's" the best. Love your day adventures your like a weekly tv programe you can't wait for the next adventure show. This was a good one:)

Attention Snow is coming in a few hours and there saying alot. So more stories as I'm cooped in hear I can snuggle and cheer my soul.
Have a blessed Day MaryAnn,
Ps if you dont hear from me send a shovel quick!:)

Aloe Marlothi-Mountain Aloe from South Africa
Status-currently blooming at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Arizona
Caution:It's beauty makes the viewer swoon-carry smelling salts.
Caution:Have lots of memory/film on hand. Only several pictures will suffice.
Caution:Have the botanical name tatooed to your person. It'll come in handy when you visit a multitude of specialty nurseries on the hunt for your own Mountain Aloe.
Update: found one! It's only about 5" high but it's mine, all mine!

I wish I'd popped into Zinnia at the same time! I would have pretended not to be your bestest friend in the world!


okay, then.

Loved the cozy in a few posts back...enjoying the sights in this one as well. I'm still reading :)

MaryAnn , It was great seeing you and Carol recently. Fun was had by all. I love the photo of Carol and I. I love when I'm visited during one of the Moss sisters adventures. Creatively yours, J

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