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Thursday, February 04, 2010


MaryAnn , It was great seeing you and Carol recently. Fun was had by all. I love the photo of Carol and I. I love when I'm visited during one of the Moss sisters adventures. Creatively yours, J

Loved the cozy in a few posts back...enjoying the sights in this one as well. I'm still reading :)

I wish I'd popped into Zinnia at the same time! I would have pretended not to be your bestest friend in the world!


okay, then.

Aloe Marlothi-Mountain Aloe from South Africa
Status-currently blooming at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Arizona
Caution:It's beauty makes the viewer swoon-carry smelling salts.
Caution:Have lots of memory/film on hand. Only several pictures will suffice.
Caution:Have the botanical name tatooed to your person. It'll come in handy when you visit a multitude of specialty nurseries on the hunt for your own Mountain Aloe.
Update: found one! It's only about 5" high but it's mine, all mine!

Mary Ann, you whit just tickles me. "I dont feel bad stealing from a friend's" the best. Love your day adventures your like a weekly tv programe you can't wait for the next adventure show. This was a good one:)

Attention Snow is coming in a few hours and there saying alot. So more stories as I'm cooped in hear I can snuggle and cheer my soul.
Have a blessed Day MaryAnn,
Ps if you dont hear from me send a shovel quick!:)

Quante cose buone da mangiare compreso l'invitante budino :-)! Molto particolari le creazioni di Joe.Complimenti. Oggi scrivo in italiano, mi scuserai, mi viene più facile leggendo nel titolo parola -budino-hehe.
Buon week end, Goga


It's 7 in the morning and now you have me yearning for rosemary pinenut cookies! LA is definitely too far away from where I am! We need to do something about that continental drift...

Moss Sisters rock LA like noboody can! w00t!

sherri - that is ZINNIA in south pasadena. fantastic little store filled with arty treasures.

I want that chandelier--if i'm ever in your neighborhood invite me in and I will steal it from you! Where were you guys? Was that Joe's house? It looks super cool!

Gee dear remind me to hide the silver before you come to visit dear...

Next time I am at Mozza I will try the Butterscotch Budino! Thanks for the tip! My mouth was watering reading the post. Love the Huntington- Great place to sketch! My parents had their first date at the Yamashiro! I am loving this post! :)

The corner table at Yamishiro's! Fabulous!

And I love those green, plump succulents!

The chandelier is sublime. Hi to sister.


I'm coming out to shadow The Moss Sisters. Just a few feet behind. Quiet, inconspicuous. "I'll have what they're having..."

OBVIOUSLY, that is where it's at.

"....who IS that woman behind us?..."

"Triple X porn show" :-D

Let me just say this--not only is your friend Joe super-talented but he is also super-attractive. *swoon* lol :D

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