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Sunday, January 03, 2010


Since you didn't post I am assuming you got to go. Have fun. All of us poor people will still be here when you get back. Who has time to go anywhere anyhow - we've got pages to sew!!

Wishing you can make this trip to Merida, you deserve a rest. In a good restaurant try the "cochinita pibil", you will love it.

I really really hope Doc gives you the thumbs up!
And I really really hope you get to enjoy your belly sliding; cannonballing; bed jumping vacation! I'm keeping my fingers triple crossed for you gurl.

You so make me laugh...

And can't wait to see some awesome picks of your vacay. Keep us posted.


Think of me while table sliding.


ooh, yes, lots and lots of margaritas when you get there, since I want you to have one for me and I know others in the group will feel the same way. Have a GREAT time!!

Heee you crack me up! What a joy you are!! Hoping all is well and you are off to paradise!!

I see margaritas in your near future!

Please put cushions on the floor at the bottom of the table in case you slide right off the end. Hope you will get the all clear to go on your vacation and you will have a brilliant time

Espresso martinis? Yes I think you need more stimulant. You MUST gear yourself up and get just a bit more excited for the trip.

Am keeping my fingers crossed.
How is Wyatt Earp doing?

Damn, but you make me smile.
As an old lady, I may be really out of the loop, but you so bring laughter and a smile to my face.
Cripes, I wish that I could take a trip with you.
exess and oooos..e.

Crossing my fingers and hoping you get to go on holiday, Mary Ann. Have fun & enjoy & happy new year!

I've really got to start drinking. What a great house! Oh the fun you will have!

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed (in spite of the increased risk of severe foot cramps!) that you will be able to go on your trip. You so deserve to spend time in that pool!!

Way to go Mary Ann...think positively. With views of that house and that pink tankini - nothing can stop you now!
Have fun!

Somehow I missed a couple of days! How did this happen? Did I have a blackout? Your ear! Your cat!
I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be all healed - those photos of Merida must become reality, and you must slide down that table wearing your pink tankini and red sunglasses.

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