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Thursday, January 07, 2010



It's a flipping mansion! I believe it's going to be pretty hard to leave this place...

I'm drinking in those blue skies and thinking what 75 degrees would feel like.

enjoying your trip from the land of snow.


How completely Rocking of you to offer this to us!! Wow!

I'm sorry I didn't comment on your previous post, because I try to be diligent, but when I read Piddle I had to go potty.

is that wrong?

Bring me a snow globe!!

It's totally beautiful...and I see you have your journalling supplies unpacked already.

Muy bonita! You and Sister know how to pick 'em! Naturally, all the RODers are jealous we are all trying to figure out how to get in on that deal! Pretty soon your life will look like that Verizon network commercial, where 8 billion people are following you around.

I would like to offer my services as live-in maid,nurse,painter,pet groomer, .....well you get the
idea....you know as long as your staying ...I'm just

I was in Merida decades ago. This makes me want to return. Is there any way you can reveal more about this rental? thanks.

Ay Caramba! Thanks for taking us with you. This is just stunning. The relaxation vibes just come through the video. Just gorgeous. Enjoy!

I am so happy for you that you are well and now enjoying your trip!

A retreat in Mexico would be fabulous, especially if you will be teaching!!! Continue resting and enjoying the sun, I wish I was there too.

Why not teach in Mexico!! You have enough Spanish to begin and there are undoubtedly schools who want teaching to be done in English...

Ya never know..

I agree... a ROD retreat in Mexico sounds great as the East Coast braces for more snow tonight!

Oh my goodness.....I wouldn't leave...are you serious!!!! talk about slice of heaven, so when are you having us all over for martini's???? I am sure I can just 'wish' myself there...travel in spirit...jaw dropping, hitting floor...... what a awesome place to bring in the New Year....the house is amazing to say the least.

How fabulous is that place?? It's so great that you share your travels with us - I always look forward to these posts when you go on your trips. I don't get to travel that much, so it's nice to be able to enjoy it vicariously (especially when the substitutes are someone as much fun as you and your sister!).

Looks like the perfect place to relax and work in your journal. Enjoy!!!

YES! I'm so happy for you. You deserve rewards like this for your hard work with your rowdy craft monkeys... of all ages.

happy to hear you have arrived in paradise.
looking forward to following your journey and seeing you journal when all is said and done.
have a fab time!

Oh so gorgeous! I think the outdoor rooms would be my favorites too! I'm so hating on you right now. It is in the 30s and it is supposed to snow tonight. Everyone here is freaking out and buying all the bread and water they can fit in their carts! All for 1-2 inches of snow! Anyway, my bff and I were discussing somewhere warm and beachy to park ourselves...I think you've found it! Can't wait to see more and get some peeks into your journal!

Yeah, right, go ahead and brag! Its -8 here in Denver today although we do have the blazing skies of blue. Can't wait to see the journal... Have fun, Nancy

oh so wonderful!

those colors are to die for! Right now I'm staring at grey sky....ah, to be in an outdoor room in Mexico! What a great place!

How many does this place accommodate? We could do a ROD journal get together !!!!

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