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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have never happened upon your delightful blog before, but I think I was meant to, today, if for no other reason than to see this video...which made my heart so happy it could burst. :)

I am inspired.

Life is beautiful.

Oh the pure human joy of dancing...in the afternoon...just for the love of the movement and the joy of the music. This brightened my evening and reminds me of what is right with the world. Such a simple, wonderful pleasure. Thanks, Mary Ann. xo fran

Senor Merida and Senor Fedora have got the moves!

That was wonderful...thanks for sharing your fun!! I needed that!! How come we don't dance like that in the States?....definitely should be....

I am dancing at my desk - what a fabulous video. Love Senor Merida and Senor Fedora. The dress was beautiful and the flower in the hair set it off Mary Ann. I would love to go on vacation with you. What a riot! Hugs.

And what about that yellow dress one lady dancer was wearing: epitomises everything about Summer that I am missing at the moment.

Wonderful. What a delight.

He's the guy I want along if I ever get to go to a dance again. and every step was right on the beat! Why is it so few men like to dance?

Wow, that was terrific!

Senior can dance!

There was more action there on that dance floor than the last holiday party at my job!!! Way to go... I am so glad you are having fun before coming back to the real world!

Quiero estar bailando en Merida!!! I love to dance any place. Glad you are having fun.

Yes, I definitely feel the urge to get up from my desk at work and start dancing! But how come some people are dressed in shorts and others are wearing down jackets, hats and gloves???

Awesome! Made my day!

oh thank you for this!!

Wait..I think that Senor Merida is actual Mr R..yes, I think so

John heard the music and came in and watched the dancers with me; we agree that dancing is the answer to the woes of the world. Let's all dance!! (he also said, "I want to go there!!")

The bisniss.

That what adorable. If only more folks would just 'dance' now and again, the world would be such a sweet place. Life is good, with Senor Merida in the house. Thanks for the sunshine Mary Ann.

Lovely man! He started to do a bit of a Moon Walk back there.

So good to see you're having a wonderful time, Mary Ann.

I don't know whether you or Senor Merida was having a better time! It's always so wonderful to just come across something like that when you're traveling; it makes the whole trip more meaningful, somehow. I hope the rest of your days there are as much fun. I look forward so much to seeing the resulting journal

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