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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Tiles setting your heart on fire, you say? No wonder- Earth and minerals are high "fired" to achieve the glorious effect!

MMmmmmmm, my heart needs a Mexico trip

my heart and my eyes...

Welcome home.
Enjoy watching your photos, "listening" your stories...

You are right about tiles... quite wonderful. Reminds me of my knitting days and the 2.5 (yes, one is half finished) Kaffe Fassett sweaters I did... I still wear the one I have... who knows what the ex did with his!

Oh do I like the shabby glory! Cool tiles, not so different from the old ones you find here. It's very hard not to want to set off for Mexico myself after reading your post!
p.s. Like your music digs

Welcome home Mary Ann. I feel as though I were with you on that lovely trip. Your photos and videos transformed me many miles away from the cold and rainy northwest to the beautiful sunny south. Thank you for taking me along. I can't wait for the next vacation. Hugs. P.S. I can't wait to see your journal in all of it's Merida glory.

Welcome home.
Your photos are wonderful!

always been a fan of tile and paver floors...they've a look to them that nothing matches. had tile in my entry way and hall when we lived in california and loved it :) here in virginia the floors are lovely but all wood cept for the bathrooms and laundry room which is done in a boring, lifelss off beige tile which i'd replace if i wanted to invest more into this home. tiles remind me of the locals...lol.

Alas, my vacation is over and that always makes me sad. Where did I go? Merida, of course, with you!! I cannot tell you how much your posts made me feel like I was there with you!! Everyday on afternoon break, I would "run" to your website to see what you had done that day. Unfortunately, I had to wait till I got home to view your wonderful videos!! I wish I could see your journal--it must be AWESOME!!! Glad you are home safe and sound. I look forward to your next adventure--where ever and whenever that may be!!

m-m-m-m-m tiles.

What a great trip - lucky you. I have the same feeling about those tiles...they just do something to me inside. I have a picture you might like. Will try to post it this week. Welcome home!

Thank you!!! Your dance video just lifted me out of a horrible depression. I love to see the world thru your eyes.

Glad to hear your home safe weary travelor!

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