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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Fantastic photos!!! Thank for sharing your adventure.

Your photography is amazing Mary Ann. Did you study it by taking classes?

Thank you SOOOOO much for taking us along with you on this trip!!


I can easily see and feel why you like it there so much. Nothing can ground you like thousands of years of history in one place.

Gorgeousness! It looks like magic. You find the best places.

Will you please write a book in your spare time?

Thank you.

reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan... but in a GOOD way. Bonne vacance.

Your post was a gentle breeze; lifting me to a quiet place and the video, was like having you open a window so I could peek outside and follow you along, a shadow, not really there but still present. I will miss these video journey's coming to an end. Magical to say the very least.

I have no travel bug at all. Zero. But I don't have to, not with MAM's quietude-a-long travel films! (spokesperson not compensated for this advertisement)

My cat Wings and I enjoyed your video so much. She loved the bird sounds. So much color, texture, history and beauty.
Wish I was there!

These videos are so appreciated. They turn my head around and give such ease, it's almost like taking a real vacation. Thank you so much.

Deeply enjoying the shapes and stories you are seeing.

I love the way you travel....with no set plan. I grew up in Bangkok and my Mother was never a person with a "plan". I got the best of Bangkok all those years as a result. I took my daughter to Paris last year and we never saw the inside of a museum. We took a picture of Mona Lisa with us and posted it in our hotel room so that we could always say....we saw Mona in Paris.

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