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Thursday, January 07, 2010


I think I may have a photo of the exact same door in Merida on my blog. I love the Yucatan! Happy Birthday. Love your photos! :D

Great video...wish I'd of had one of your martinis while I watched! Happy Birthday wishes! Life only gets better and better. You are a gift to all of us.

All of the details I would want to see, just a perfect video. Makes me so nostalgic for Hispanic culture! Why can't we paint our stupid strip malls in such luscious colors? They would look so festive against our grey skies!

thanks so much for taking us along on your trip, and many, many happy returns of the day!


Happy Birthday!!! I hope its fabulous! Well, look at where you are...what else could it be?!! :-)

¡feliz cumpleaños!Veo que ha tendo un dìa hermoso.¡Puede que tenga un año maravilloso!xo

Hey MA - Wow, this is awesome...the best armchair travel yet. It was 17 snowy degrees outside last night when I walked this path with you. How absolutely divine to see green and hear birds and the sounds of Merida. It was heavenly to think of your wanderings. Have a wonderful time, keep posting, it's so great to travel vicariously. p.s. I'm signing up for Remains of the Day, will shoot you an email. Always late to join the party....xo fran

I loved going on a stroll with you this early morning. Those colors are so amazing. I am always struck by the amount of ironworks there, gates, door and window coverings on every building it seems. Enjoy your Happy Bithday dinner, sunset, the stars, the margaritas.

Thankyou so much for posting this video. It's beautiful, MaryAnn

Your gorgeous video made me feel like I was there--Have the best birthday ever!!!

Happy Birthday, Mary Ann! All the best!
Love the colors you are seeing - so lovely.

Happy Birthday to you!!! Thank you for sharing your walk with us - I love all the colors - nice inspiration.

what a fun blog to visit- so glad I stopped by , you made me laugh several times :)

Yes ma'am . It certainly did interest me, and Choo got muy cool choos too ( I like your sandals). Those are funny and appealing images of santas and snowmen on peoples doors...and wonderful color. Thanks for the trip .

and yes , yes, yes I am wishing you a very (Happy) and WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY...and a fabulous year, of the sort you'd choose if you could choose the one you'd get.

Happiest of Birthdays!

Happy birthday, Mary Ann! Wishing you health and happiness and love and buckets of creative adventures. Your blog brightens my life. Love, love the video, especially since I'm in the snow and cold!

Ah... lucky us! We get the present of your video on your birthday. Enjoy... it is wonderful that all of us Capricorn babies seem to like the same thing... Have a wonderful night!

Happy Happy Birthday Mary Ann! I love this walk around you created. Makes me yearn for my next biz trip to Guadalajara. Hugs.

As visual artists, you have given us a beautiful present all wrapped up and served on a silver platter, Mary Ann! The way the video was filmed, with bits and snippets and quick glances, the traffic noise could be interpreted as waves. Big, floppy, happy waves washing on the beach of little wonders. Thanks for sharing and very Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday MAM-hope all your birthday wishes come true! Have a margarita or three!

Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us! I love Mexico so much. The timeless beauty and stages of decay side by side...sigh. After almost 9 years on the Texas/Mexico border we are finally planning a move. We'll be moving soon to Southern Colorado where I've wanted to live for the past 15 years. But I will miss Mexico so much! Thank goodness we still have friends there to visit. And thank goodness I can pull up your video when I'm feeling homesick!

Happy Birthday, Mary Ann. I will toast you tonight when I turn 51. What a beautiful place to spend your special day. I love all the colors you captured on your walk. Thanks for letting us tag along.

That is so cool! I love, love, love it there. The people, sights, sounds, smells. Have fun and happy birthday. I absolutely love your blog, I just found it a few weeks back.

Glad you are enjoying yourself. Happy Birthday fellow capricorn.

Gorgeous, just my sort of pics.
We're going to a birthday dinner tonight. When we raise our glasses to our friend I'll be toasting your birthday too.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mary Ann. Only 47!!

Doggone it, Mary Ann, I knew I should have stowed away in your suitcase! Have a wonderful birthday--what a fun place to celebrate--and may you have many many more, Nancy

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the videos...it's fun being on vacation with you :-)

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