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Monday, January 11, 2010


Hope you have arrived home safe and sound...and that you unpack your stuff a lot sooner than I do when I have been on holidays!

I never knew about these beautiful places...I am looking them up on the Internet to learn more about them. Thankyou for your inspiring posts

What an atmospheric video - you should get a kickback from the Merida Tourist board!

Lovely sights and sounds :o) And while I saw many a gentleman in white pants, I can't wait to see who you're going to be dancing with!

Oh, please, please, please tell me you are sharing your travel journal with us when you get back!!! Fabulous photos!! can't wait to hear more!

Wow - what a joy to watch. a smile came upon my face when I heard the music. The sounds, the colors, everything is just fabulous! Wish I were there with you. Can't wait to see the longer video.

the colors, the textures, the sounds...I feel warmer already. What a magical place you have found. I appreciate these little snippet..I am drinking my'joe' and dreaming of Merida.

Glad to see you are enjoying Merida, don't forget to try the "cochinita pibil" dish. Are you going to see any of the pyramids?

Wonderful walk today...so amazing to see green and I can almost feel the breezes. I can tell you are sinking into this place, your eye attuned to the nuance of color and pattern. LOVE the dancing, in town, in the middle of the day. That makes me sigh...a life where that is possible, where it happens. Thank you Mary Ann, enjoy your time out of time. xo frannie

*Swoons* ... *Swoons again* ... *and again* ...

O thank you for bringing this fabness all the way overhere. I Love your new Love too.

I glimpsed a white-panted wiggle with panache. I am guessing that's him.


just what i needed to read this morning. i am so enjoying your latest adventure. mine won't start til february 15th. i too, will be celebrating my birthday again away from home. i kinda of like it. last year i celebrated all by myself in florence, italy :)
have a wonderful day!

oh what a delicious torture it is to live your travels via your telling. I think everyone should buy a ticket on the MAM tour bus. We would never see the world the same.

Your photos are beautiful!

Delicious photos!!!

Spray paint. It must have made you feel at home. (ha) I know what you mean about falling in love with places; your wonderful glimpses of Merida are so tantalizing. All the color, the green, the breezes and the blue sky. I long to be there. (Today the temp got above freezing for a few hours). Enjoy your quiet days, the perfect end to your love affair with Merida.

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