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Sunday, November 15, 2009


please help! i am stuck on your blog and can't stop reading. I am so inspired with everything I am seeing!! Help! my eyes are burning, my kids need food. I. cant. stop. reading.
thanks for sharing!

I love Suede Buttons so so much. I wish she'd grow here in the Pacific Northwest :(

Love those sprays too - and yes I'm biased- LOL. Love your journal pages !!!

I'm excited for Remains of the Day to go up... I found some fabulous sort of weird lacy fabric in Santa Fe; bought an extra yard to use for spraying through Did I tell you my new house has a covered back porch--perfect for a spray station when the weather warms up a bit next spring.

Your spray experiments look just awesome!!!! Will you show us what you did with the Glimmer Mists?

Something else to add to my "I Want" list!

Even if you're just horsing around your pages always look fantastic. And I'm marking a big red circle around Dec 1st on my calendar!

I LOVE those sprays. One of my faves. Had to hit the local store today for more myself!! Dangerous they are at over seven bucks a pop but so much fun.

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