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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I"ve never read that particular Stafford poem and thank you for sharing it. I wish I were one of your craft monkeys!

I love the rain, and the lovely clean feeling afterwards (even with a leaky roof) your poem is beautiful. Thank you so much. Also for the quote re: a "normal" day it gave me pause and I love to pause.

It rained and rained here on Tuesday and now it is very, very warm and muggy. I love it when all the dust that has accumulated on everything is cleaned off by the rain.

It has stopped raining here too....the earth is very soggy and moist. Seems very happy with itself, replenished by these good, soaking rains this past week.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful poem and I'm really enjoying your random photos.

Jacky xox

This is lovely..and you know what? (Of course you wouldn't..what a dumb question, Ellen!) I had the great blessing and privilege to have William Stafford as a professor eons ago when I was at college in Oregon. He enriched my life and continues to do so.

Unrelated? I think not. :) Lovely. Lovely. As always.

and a beautiful beautiful photo

that is beautiful beautiful child

Beautiful poem! Assured to know... I will never be alone.

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