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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Great work, Mary Ann.

'Last week they had a spaghetti dinner.' Isn't that enough to make all of us feel humbled?

I just saw a report with the family in their new home and things seemed quite positive. I am so thankful that the proper agencies stepped up. So rarely do these kinds of stories have a happy ending.

Hey Mary Ann...so glad you provided us with the updates on Besse and her Boys...I've been busy with wedding preparations and the out-of-town guests have started to arrive so I haven't been able to read my blogs :{ So trying to catch the important ones for a quiet minute this morning. So frustrating that people keep falling through the cracks in our government systems. This family isn't asking for a hand-out, they just want to stay together and take care of one-another...that should be rewarded...not penalized. Thanks again for sharing and getting involved. Fondly, Roberta

Gosh Mary Ann, that sort of puts things in perspective. I used to drive a big old 1972 Pontiac Catalina that I loved. I would jokingly say that I could live in it if I ever needed to. Thankfully, that has never evolved and this story serves as a reminder to me to look at my life/world with eyes that can see more clearly what's important and what is truly the little stuff. Thanks for the reminder!

Thank you.

Thanks Mary Ann, for the follow up report. Yesterday I forwarded the video to several people. Last night I got actual phone calls (as opposed to e-ms)from 3 of them, very touched and asking how they could help. Yes, this could be any one of us in this type of situation. Nice thought, Bessie and her boys being comfortable for a change, and hope it leads to a permanent change for them.

You did so good, writing to the paper and getting the update and an address. Few people go the whole way, and you did.

I wish every homeless person could get a Times write up and get rescued. And that everyone could have a good night's sleep in a warm bed with comfy pjs.

Thanks, Mary Ann.

Thanks Mary Ann, great post. My grandmother lived in Richmond and had 6 boys. This could have been her. There but for the grace.......I will donate too. And I always love your reports from the world of the craft monkeys. Such insight those little people have!

Hi Mary Ann,
thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm so glad things are looking up for them.

*Thank you* Mary Ann. ;)

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