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Sunday, September 06, 2009


V. nice movie.
always love coming here for a taste of what counts amid all this insanity.

thanks for the poem. a perfect complement to wcw's plums...

and for the trip to portugal...
just took a whirlwind tour through the last month. joy on every page. delight. exuberance. love.

Such beauty and the artists that focus our eyes on it...yours and Julie and Sebastian!


How big should the panels be? Would masonite be OK? I might know a source for some smallish masonite panels - I think they were about 8x10" cut for a job they didn't work out for...I could ask my freind if she still has them.


Two thumbs up from me. You can phrase you sentences anyway you like. I always enjoy reading your blog. This post was lovely.

I'm thankful for the links you share...Europe, aw, the style...I'd move there in a heartbeat.
Love the Trader Joe's bags also...I have to remind myself every time I shop there that I have 20 perfectly servicable canvas bags! One of these days, maybe I'll embellish themm to make them prettier.

Love that poem! I could never understand Eve, giving it up for an apple. Now, a peach....that's another matter.

Oh Mary Ann, my heart did a little flip when I saw the TJ bags. I was in San Fran last week and I bought that same bag and fairly skipped out of the store with it. The poem is breathtaking, the last verse describes exactly how I felt on Friday sitting for an hour on a bench in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, lost in the reverie of that place, and the video goes along with that same joy. Thanks for always putting the perfect words to what I am feeling. Great pages as usual, love that decal, reminds me of my Grans kitchen cannisters, they were celadon and she added rose decals.

Oh my God! I have a book of his poetry - I believe the title is The Rose. I adore him. I bought a copy for my father maybe almost 20 years ago. He did not say much about it - never knew if it somehow made him self conscious or he just wasn't crazy about it. My father was a Keats kind of man.
I very much regret that I did not eat enough peaches this summer.
Yes! Artist and Craftsman! I just bought my first wood panel from them. Good prices.

I remember decals with great affection. My grandmother would add them in subtle little places on the furniture she built. The style of the time was usually two coats of a warm white enamel, wiped off and finished with even warmer toned shellac; then decals or folk painted embellishments. That rose is bigger and fancier than any of hers. Nice to bring that memory to front.

I don't think I would call Artist and Craftsman Supply "commercial"... excellent wood panels..made in Canada. CHEAP.


I went for a walk and I read the poem and I put them in my heart and I am near to tears...tears filled with appreciation and overwhelming admiration for such creativity.

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